4 Great Reasons to Plan Ahead For Your Holidays

Leading holiday destination – discover 22km stretch along the Desaru Coast

Let’s admit it – we all can’t wait to go on a holiday! While we long to get out of town, there is nothing standing in the way of planning ahead for that much-needed domestic vacation post-lockdown. Leading holiday destinations across the country such as Desaru Coast in Johor aside from offering over 800 luxurious rooms within its impressive portfolio of five-star hotels, are curating enticing packages. These packages include a wide range of options on experiences and activities to explore and peace of mind flexibility when it comes to date changes.

So, stop dreaming about your next holiday and start planning! Here are just four perfectly good reasons on why you ought to start now:

1. Cut the Stress

The best part about planning ahead for a holiday is that it alleviates the stress associated with making last-minute travel plans. Holidays are supposed to be fun and so should the planning of it. Don’t do it in haste under the pressure of tight timeliness. That only drains the fun out of it. So even before you can start the holiday, avoid setting everyone on edge even leaving home! Planning helps assure you of a hassle-free holiday with your loved ones. In addition, resorts within Desaru Coast have adopted very flexible policies when it comes to changes in reservation dates, in keeping with the current times.

Enjoy some splash and fun at Adventure Park Desaru Coast

2. Money matters

Planning holidays early also gives you leverage in terms of budgeting for your travel, accommodation and general expenses. After a year of almost no travel for most Malaysians, everyone’s looking forward to a holiday – shoestring or otherwise. Yet cost is undeniably a major factor now in deciding where to go and what to do.  Hoteliers, travel operators and attraction owners are getting creative! Some are offering reasonable rates, while others offer innovative solutions such as valued added packages to encompass the full holiday experience. These packages include lodging, fun recreational activities and even F&B offerings from breakfast to dinner. So all you have to do is just check-in, relax and enjoy the varied experiences that are in store for you, during your much-awaited holiday.

Rock and Roll at Hard Rock Desaru Coast

3. Customising unique experiences

One thing we learnt last year is that there are so many unique hidden gems within Malaysia that many have yet explored. But in order to ensure we maximise the opportunity to savour these experiences during our upcoming holidays, it’s best to do our homework early and plan ahead. For instance, if you’re headed down to the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, and in search of some outdoor experiences, Desaru Coast offers specially curated nature excursions led by passionate naturalists who will lead you in a journey to hidden places, away from the typical tourist trails.

Nature lovers can also book organised tours available to the Tanjung Belungkor mangrove and the nearby fruit farm. Alternatively, choose to journey through the scenic and alluring Linting Wetlands river ecosystem dominated by tidal mangrove forests within which lies the Belungkor Forest Reserve. On this tour, visitors can immerse in a brief history of the Johor Sultanate while learning about the variety of mangrove species and vegetation unique to the location.

Another noteworthy activity here is a tour to the fishing village of Sedili, located a mere 35 minutes’ drive from Desaru Coast. The tour begins with a boat cruise that covers three distinct vegetation belts that change from rich mangrove forest, Nypa swamp, Putat and Pandanus belt before finally reaching the freshwater swamp where the endangered Water Trumpet can be found. Along the way your naturalist guide will highlight interesting wildlife that call Sedili home.

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Explore Tanjung Sedili – a scenic 35 minutes’ drive from Desaru Coast (pic courtesy of Tanjung Sedili)