Nana Aberdeen announces the release of ‘The Land of a Thousand Bridges’

New book follows a story about hallowed bridges and mysterious kingdoms, of dark family secrets, magical spells and fascinating beasts


Inspired by stories such as Princess Mononoke, Nana Aberdeen sees a vast opportunity to explore Asian folklore and present it to the world in fresh and innovative ways. This is the reason he has written “The Land of a Thousand Bridges” (published by Partridge Singapore), a story of hallowed bridges and mysterious kingdoms, dark family secrets, magical spells, and fascinating beasts.

Two generations ago, the Nation Asyea-Rei was in a state of war with itself. A horrifying civil conflict broke out between two very different mindsets: the traditionalist Reians and the reformist Mikaners. The Reians had a strong history with The Light Ones, old magic who called themselves Raikhtirians. The Mikaners are more progressive practitioners that see The Light Ones as archaic or irrelevant. Therefore, a conflict ensued. It led to the loss of many lives, and even to this day, the nation still carries its scars. Therefore, the rulers decided to bury its true history from its younger generation, never to be heard of again.

However, as Asyea-Rei is known for building thousands of large magnificent bridges, the Old Storytellers or Elders had come up with an ingenious plan. They surreptitiously documented everything that happened and hid these stories in 12 different such structures within Asyea-Rei. Each bridge has a tale to tell, and only if they are all collected in a manner listed by the Elders will the true story unfold itself. This is a story of liberating those lost tales. A hidden account of three authoritative families whose transgression sparked the conflict, bearing malignant scars to the Nation forever.

“This book brings to the audience the old, mystic tales of Asia. It takes place in a tropical/ rainforest setting and it brings to the present world of a time when all forms of magic and shaman wizards rule the land,” Aberdeen says. When asked what he wants readers to take away from the book, he answers, “For them to learn and appreciate more folklores from mysterious and beautiful tropical Asia.”

“The Land of a Thousand Bridges”

By Nana Aberdeen

Hardcover | 5 x 8in | 706 pages | ISBN 9781543767100

Softcover | 5 x 8in | 706 pages | ISBN 9781543767087

E-Book | 706 pages | ISBN 9781543767094

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About the Author

Nana Aberdeen taught Architectural History and Design for 15 years. He believes in the power of telling stories as a fundamental human tool to fascinate and inspire changes in attitude and productivity. He currently resides in Malaysia.