144 Esports Teams Join UniPin SEACA 2021 Malaysia Qualifier

Fight for Spots at Regional Level

SEACA MY Public Tournament

One of the biggest annual esports tournaments in Southeast Asia, UniPin SEACA 2021 started its qualifier stage in Malaysia. It kicked off with the UniPin SEACA 2021 Malaysia Qualifier Public Tournament Wednesday evening. 144 teams have joined with the hopes of getting the chance to become the winners which represent Malaysia in the final stage that will be held this November in Jakarta, Indonesia. The UniPin SEACA 2021 Malaysia Qualifier Public Tournament will be held online from 23rd to the 25th of June 2021 and 27th June 2021 for the final match.

All teams participating in this qualifier stage split into eight groups and eight sessions. Each group consists of 18 teams. The system used in the first stage was elimination with top 8 total ranks with 2 matches playing in map Erangel and Miramar will go to the next round. All those who were defeated on the first day will automatically be eliminated and won’t be able to continue to the second day.

Some professional teams seen on the lists include RSG, EVOS VIP, FANX MY, FARANG ESPORTS, MIRI MOB ESPORTS, DINGOZ JR, NSEA, and RHG RHINO. These teams might have a bigger opportunity to dominate the competition, but as much as the growing scene of esports in Malaysia; other teams may show unexpected skills and performances. The online setting of the tournament also gives the chance for each team to be more prepared by playing from their respective Gaming House.

Differing from previous years, this time the Malaysian country qualification stage is also giving female gamers a chance to participate directly. Even though the UniPin SEACA 2021 Malaysia Qualifier provides a separate Ladies Tournament, female players also have the chance to compete alongside their male counterparts.  Debora Imanuella, The Senior Vice President of UniPin Community Indonesia states that the initiative for this year’s Ladies Tournament is an effort by UniPin to support the growth of esports, particularly the ladies’ scene in Malaysia.

“As a company that operates in many different countries, UniPin sees a gap in opportunities between male and female gamers in terms of competitions and in maximising their potential. We have continuously pushed the growth of professional women’s tournaments in Indonesia and we would like to expand this to Malaysia,” as stated by Imanuella.

After a hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic, UniPin is ensuring that this year’s qualification stage in Malaysia will be fully held online. Despite this, Marcus Sua as the Director of UniPin Malaysia ensures that the UniPin SEACA Malaysia Qualifier 2021 will not be any less festive than the previous years. “We are committed to always increase the level of competition that is brought to SEACA every year. For us, having it held online is not an obstacle. We are optimistic that an online tournament will in fact draw more people as they are able to see the country’s esports teams compete live. Athletes from all over the country can also participate with the same opportunity,” added Tan.

The final two winners of the Public Tournament not only get a chance to showcase their skills at an international level, but they will also get to grab the total prize pool of RM5000. Meanwhile, The Malaysia Ladies Tournament is still open for registration until the 27th June 2021.

All-female amateurs and professionals’ teams can join by registering through the link: https://seaca.gg/tournament/seaca-2021-malaysiaqualifier/pubg-mobile/join.  UniPin SEACA Malaysia Qualifier 2021 may be viewed through livestream on the UniPin Malaysia Facebook page. Updates on this event can be accessed in their entirety through the same Facebook page. Apart from that, all information and updates regarding UniPin SEACA 2021 may be officially obtained on the site seaca.gg or the Instagram account @seaca.gg.

144 Esports Teams Join UniPin SEACA 2021 Malaysia Qualifier

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