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Zureli Green Talks Series in Medini City Help Businesses Go Greener

- Advertisement -Zureli Green Talks Series in Medini City Help Businesses Go Greener

Zureli has partnered with Medini Iskandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd (MIM) to co-host a series of nine business-to-business (B2B) events in 2019 called ‘Green Talks with Business’. The talks will be held on monthly basis for targeted and tailor-made seminars for specific industry sectors with focus on sustainability, green technology and eco-friendly products. The first Green Talk on Food & Beverage industry was held in Medini City mid-March 2019.

The concept of ‘Green Talks with Business’ is to facilitate discussions between industry and suppliers of these solutions which can address some of today’s environmental problems. Those involved in this dialogue include relevant NGOs, innovative start-ups and government agencies which are addressing social, environmental and economic sustainability. This series was launched in August 2018 in Iskandar Puteri and has proved itself as a fantastic way of engaging various businesses in the green dialogue.

“The aim of these focused B2B networking and marketplace events is to encourage eco-friendly and sustainable practises by the industry. The implementation of which, not only reduces negative impact on the environment but also helps businesses save costs and address the evolving buying habits of customers due to increasing awareness on environmental issues globally. For the 2019 series, which will be held in Medini City, we are excited and honoured to be partnering with MIM, who are also vocal about green and sustainable living”, said Dr Sharan Sambhi, Events Director of Zureli in Malaysia.

Dr James Tee, Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of MIM added, “Zureli’s ‘Green Talks with Business’ is aligned with our vision of creating a smart, green and sustainable city. As the master developer of Medini City, we are constantly looking for ways to educate our growing community on the importance of incorporating sustainable values in our daily lives.”

Sustainability is becoming an important part of strategic planning and corporate social responsibility for many companies. Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned about green issues and are more likely to engage with businesses that are perceived as sustainable.

Most SMEs and corporate companies have a sustainable policy in place, and ‘Green Talks with Business’ helps them to implement them.

There will be nine events, which will be held in Medini City until November this year, targeted to different industry sectors namely food and beverages (F&B), facilities and hotel management, landscaping, construction, consumer goods, food manufacture, supply chain, interior design and industrial operations.

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