You Might Be At Risk For Doing This!

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As we familiarise ourselves with the new normal where everything is more accessible than ever,  there are also loopholes to be aware of.

Datuk Zainuddin Yaacob, Director of the Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID), recently cautioned the public to be careful regarding their personal information, such as full names, phone numbers and addresses that can easily be identified on discarded packaging as irresponsible parties can exploit them.

Zainuddin also reminded the public to share with their families’ details about their online transactions to prevent being tricked while receiving the shipments.

He told the media after a 2 minutes awareness video on such acts of crime were circulating online and went viral.

“The public is also urged to lodge a police report if they have been victims of fraud using modus operandi so that appropriate investigations can be carried out,” he said in a statement.

While no police reports in relation to such cases has been obtained so far, the police nevertheless guarantees an inquiry pursuant to Section Section 420 of the Penal Code, which provides up to 10 years in prison and whipping will be carried out if such cases are reported.

How Does the Scam Works?

In the viral video, the criminal obtains the victim’s personal information such as name, phone number and home address from the package of the victim’s dumped goods into the trash in a public place.

Criminals will start contacting and harassing the victim by using different telephone numbers in order to earn money including going to the victim’s house by disguising themselves as employees of a delivery company.

Criminals inform the victim’s family members who are at home to make payment in advance because the goods sent have not been paid yet.

Therefore, stay vigilant of this scam. As a safeguard, we should black out, cut and shred the parts that show your names, phone numbers and addresses or other personal details completely before throwing out any empty packages. Do educate other family members who may also collect any parcels on your behalves to do the same.