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Worms in the Brain by Neglect!

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Cat in darkness sees a ray of light

Imagine getting worked up over a scratch on a car yet ignore a scratch on a cat. We can have feelings for a diamond ring but do not see the four-legged “thing”. We put emotions into inanimate objects and choose to wear a deaf ear when we hear the quiet cries for help.

Ellen, a Siamese-mix longhaired cat had been bitten by a monitor lizard. Monitor lizards have toxic saliva that is high in bacteria, causing one in contact to be infected. Though it was rumoured that her owner had brought her to the vet for a check-up, no follow-ups were made. As a result, the wound has grown bigger and poor Ellen had to endure sitting in a 2 by 1 feet fly-ridden cage all alone. She was left like that. But for how long? Nobody knows for sure. By whom? We don’t know either because attempts were successfully made to cover the identity of her owner.

Haildani Daud, founder of cat NGO Phatcathaus, said they responded to a message from a fellow cat NGO who alerted him about Ellen’s condition that night in late November 2018. Despite not having transportation themselves – having just sold their vehicle to save costs – they travelled all the way to Kukup for the rescue mission. According to Haildani, Ellen was one of the worst cases he had ever seen. Skin on her head was non-existent, skull could be seen; a result of maggots’ devouring, and of a man’s negligence!

At the vet, after stabilising her condition, they discovered maggots in her ears, eyes, cheeks, and brain. Perhaps, Ellen was once a cute longhaired kitten whom everybody wanted to cuddle. But unfortunately, now her eyesight could not be saved. She has an increasing appetite and has gained double her weight since they found her at 1-something-kilogrammes. She remains in kitty Intensive Care Unit, and to add to her list of problems, the kitty doctor found she had pyometra – an infection of the womb by the accumulation of pus within the uterus. Surgery for the removal of the uterus was a must as the infection was life-threatening, but surgery for an already sickly cat was also high-risk.

Ellen, however, showed her strength and resilience by insisting to live. She is recovering miraculously – an answer to people who question, “Why don’t you just put her to sleep?”
Imagine going out to help your best, the outcome is second, but your best service is first.

“Adopt, don’t shop”, is a slogan used by many animal rescues and NGOs, supporting the adoption of animals instead of the purchase of them. Due to busy schedules or overestimation of ease to care, many animals have been left abandoned at shelters or on streets. As a result, most animal shelters are overcrowded while the ones on the streets have become a nuisance and unattended, susceptible to diseases and injury. Adopting an animal not only saves a life, it also helps you understand and see that gratitude exists even in animals. After all they had gone through; they just want to share their love with someone all over again and you can be that someone.

Under the Animal Welfare Act, pet owners must take responsible steps to ensure the needs of an animal is fulfilled, which includes: i) its need for a suitable environment; ii) its need for a suitable diet, iii) the need for it to be able to exhibit its normal behaviour patterns; iv) the need for it to be housed with or apart from other animals; and v) the need for it to be protected from pain, suffering, injury, and disease.
Report any animal abuse or neglect to DVS Johor Animal Welfare Officers at 07 266 7501.

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