Winter Sports in Malaysia?


Johor hosted the first Ice Skating Challenge 2019

Although ice skating is not a popular sport in Malaysia, Johoreans should nevertheless be proud as the state hosted the Johor Ice Skating Challenge 2019 – the first international winter sports competition in Johor.

The competition that was organised by Blue Skating Rink had attracted 85 skaters from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. The 2-days-challenge took place at Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru on the rink sized at approximately 45m x 25m and was endorsed by the Ice Skating Institute of Asia.

Skaters from Blue Ice Skating Academy skated gracefully during the opening performance

“There are many people in Malaysia who are unfortunately not aware of winter sports and those who are aware do not realise that Malaysia can excel in it,” said Irene Cheow, President of Malaysia Ice-Skating Federation during her launch speech.

The Johor Ice Skating Challenge 2019 is a good platform for young athletes to showcase their talent before participating in various international competitions where there are more than 20 categories introduced.

Performance by Afrina Ananda (FS7), High level competitor from Icescape Rink, Malaysia

Nor Azra Fazeera A. Rahman, 15, student from SMK SETA who participated in the figure skating category was looking forward to become a better skater since skating has now become her career.

As for Regita Maharrani Gagarin, 17, from Indonesia, skating is her hobby and she enjoys challenging herself besides creating new experiences throughout the 2-day-challenge. Another skater, Melyssa Tarpin-Lyonnet, said she was proud to represent Indonesia in the challenge and happy to express herself in the rink.

Performance by Chloe Ng Xin Yao (FS7), High level competitor from Malaysia National Ice Skating Stadium, Malaysia

The competition was judged in accordance with the Ice Sport Industry (ISI) Judging System from the USA and the participants were evaluated based on their techniques, authenticity, perfection and presentation.

According to Allen Yeoh, Director of Blue Frost Ice Rink, there are 9 active coaches and 500 registered students in their academy and he hopes that more talent from Johor can represent Malaysia in the ice skating sports.

Lines of skaters from 4 countries

Meanwhile, William Goh, Manager of Blue Ice Skating Rink encouraged the public especially Johoreans to explore ice skating since the sport can help release stress.