Virtual Assessment Centre in Johor Health Department

Facilitating the state’s COVID-19 patients and contact tracing management

Johor state Health and Environment committee chairman R. Vidyananthan said, 15,000 people were recorded to have used the VCAC since May (Image for illustration purpose only)

The Johor State Health Department (JKNJ) has set up a Virtual COVID-19 Assessment Centre (VCAC) to help COVID-19 patient care and contact tracing in the state.

Vidyananthan, chairman of the state’s Health and Environment Committee, predicted the approach would minimise the number of people who visit the state’s 11 CACs.

Since 15th May, roughly 15,000 people have used the VCAC, according to him.

“Anyone who are confirmed positive, either through self-screening or at the clinic and have not been treated, should access the following link at

“Through the system, the said person will be contacted by a health worker within 48 hours. Individuals are requested to go to the CAC without an appointment. If their symptoms worsen during the waiting period, call 999 for immediate assistance,” he said in a statement dated 18th August.

The main cause of the recent congestion at the Pasir Gudang CAC, according to Vidyananthan, was the accumulation of close contacts who had attended the CAC without an appointment.

Meanwhile, Vidyananthan said there were private clinics that provided services similar to CAC clinics, where customers could get their health status assessed and put on and remove wristbands.

The list of private CAC clinics can be accessed at, he said.