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Unboxing BookXcess’s “Box of Knowledge”

BookXcess opens its 9th bookstore at Sunway Big Box Retail Park, featuring millions of books while promoting reading culture to the masses

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A quote from a prominent leader in history went something like this, “Teach your children to read and lead. Readers make leaders.” I also was recently encouraged to pick up a book or two whenever I have the chance. However, sometimes books can be boring and just filled with words and does not do wonders for the attention span of many. Addressing this obvious chasm between reading materials and knowledge consumers, some publisher take to incorporating attractive elements into their publications such as pop-up, sound, texture, colours and so on.

A eureka moment struck the founders of BookXcess when they thought of opening up their first, 500 square-foot, bookstore at Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya. “How about we promote books and the culture of reading through something more accessible and fun?” they thought. Thus, BookXcess and the Big Bad Wolf book fair were born.

With the opening of their 9th concept store at Sunway Big Box Retail Park, BookXcess is breaking the boundaries between publishers and readers and let everyone have a more immersive experience at their stores. The latest outlet features an eight-metre high box-shaped bookshelf in the middle of the store that has a hidden book sanctuary inside of it called the Children’s Cave. Featuring over a million books, BookXcess is truly thinking out of the box when it comes to encouraging reading culture among the young ones.

“BookXcess is on a mission to bring back the love for reading and we are rallying allies everywhere we go, especially in the parents’ community. We believe parents are the best people to nurture the reading habit among children. We are calling all parents to instil the reading habit and increase the number of books exposed to their children in terms of variety. There are a wide variety of children’s books available which caters to different interests. Reading increases knowledge, builds character, improves one’s thinking process and widens your awareness of social, economic and environmental issues,” said Andrew Yap, co-founder of BookXcess Sdn Bhd.

“BookXcess is a perfect fit and complement to what Sunway Big Box Retail Park has to offer – a sanctuary and a third space for the community to converge and interact. It forms part of the wholesome and holistic experience of bringing people out from their homes into a space as unwinding as home,” said HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Malls and Theme Parks.

BookXcess’ CSR arm – Red Readerhood is a firm believer that everyone regardless of status should have access to acquire knowledge through reading. Through Red Readerhood, brand-new English books are collected and donated to the underprivileged through a local organisation in support of their cause. To kick-off the effort, BookXcess Sunway Big Box will be matching the number of books purchased on its opening day to be donated. Customers can choose their selection of books to donate from the designated Red Readerhood shelves at the bookstore.

This opening weekend from 27th February to 1st March 2020, enjoy 20% discounts on top of the already reasonably priced books at BookXcess Sunway Big Box. You will also be entitled to selected promotions such as free BookXcess membership, purchase selected titles for RM1, 50% off coffee or tea at Café Wolf along with an additional RM20 BookXcess cash voucher for every RM150 spent. Visit BookXcess’ social media pages for more info.

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