The Reason I Jump

“Loving Autism” #BersamaGSC

Don't miss out on The Reason I Jump from 14 April-4 May

With World Autism Month coinciding with GSC’s birthday month in April, GSC is proud to announce that 2022 will see the organisation championing a larger cause for its autism corporate social responsibility (CSR) with a year-long initiative called “Loving Autism” #BersamaGSC.

In line with the company’s autism initiatives over the last six years, April this year will see a re-run of the French film, The Specials (Hors Normes) from 1-13 April 2022 (available now for purchase), as well as the screening of the English documentary, The Reason I Jump from 14 April-4 May – the first time this film has ever been shown in Malaysian shores. Both films will be shown exclusively in 28 GSC cinemas nationwide.

The Reason I Jump
Two special movies to support

Like previous films, Redha in 2016 and The Wayang Kids in 2018, GSC will be donating RM1 from every ticket sold to selected autism charities and organisations. Tickets to each film are priced at a flat RM15. Companies and organisations that are keen to host private screenings of the film or even host their own fundraiser to give back to an autism charity of their choice – may also book a hall to watch The Specials and The Reason I Jump.