Take Your Selera with You at Anantara Desaru Coast Resort

Take Your Selera with You at Anantara Desaru Coast Resort

Turmeric Restaurant opens its door to public during this month of giving - the first time ever

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After reading Edey’s story about his staycation at Anantara Desaru Coast Resort, it is just a must for me to go on an hour drive when Anantara Desaru invited us over for ‘Selera Malaysia’ review at their Turmeric Restaurant, their first fasting season’s buffet since opening in 2019.

As expected of any luxury resorts that values personal stories to tell, the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were their main concern when it comes to protecting guests and staffs’ safety while dining in the restaurant. Instead of getting your food directly on your own, the chefs would help you place the food on your plate all around the intimate corner of the restaurant. This minimises contact exchange between guests with only the chefs holding the utensils to serve guests. This is also a perk for me to ask about the dishes served at the buffet directly to the chefs!

Thai Som Tam
Thai Som Tam – recommended as an appetiser

I picked up everything from this sumptuous buffet and tremendously enjoyed the delicious Carved Lamb and the Buttery Rice that was cooked together with the lamb. The Thai offerings like Live Som Tam are great for starting your buffet journey on a sour note, then it’s sensible to do a continuity with the creamiest Gaeng Massaman Gai either by its own or with Hujan Panas rice. I personally mixed them all with the lamb rice and it was awesome.

Kerabu, Pecel, Ulam
Kerabu, Pecel, Ulam-ulaman all the local vegetable goods to make your food healthier

Fish Head Curry
Fish Head Curry – the curry wafts all around the buffet space, you just had to take some!

Other highlights not to be missed are definitely the Fried Quails, Gulai Daging Salai Pucuk Ubi, Fish Head Curry and Wok Fried Chilli Crab.

Round it up with a good, steaming cup of Teh Tarik – I recommend this luxurious cuppa for your otherworldly experience! Sweet tooth lovers do indulge in some tarts, kuih-muih and Mango Pomelo Pudding.

Thai Som Tam
The chef is mixing some Thai Som Tam live

The Selera dinner menu is offered from 13th April till 12th May from 6:30 – 10:00 pm starting at RM128 for adults and RM64 per child. For group reservations of 10 paid guests booked before 16th April, up to two additional guests will enjoy complimentary dinners.

Are you ready to go on a leisure long drive that is totally worth it? Contact +60 7 8280 888 or email them at desaru@anantara.com to make your reservations.

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