Sweet Tooth Rejoice – New Desserts from SA Delights are here for you!

This homemade and home-based desserts business has plenty of delicacies for you to pick from when you need some sweet sprinkles in your life


It was in between work crunch time to lunch break when we received a pack of goodies from SA Delights via Kumpool delivery service which Alanna Tan, the sweet owner of SA Delights who is a stay at home mother (SAHM) had arranged for us. The no alcohol, no pork and no lard was such a blessing for our diverse foodie people in the office from halal consumers to vegetarians – it is for everyone.

SA Delights goods laid out for everyone in the office to dig in – from Filipino-style Macaroni Salad and Biko, to a platter of Nestum Banana Muffins, Chocolate Crinkles and Florentine cookies

In respect of its status as homemade and home-based, we took out our best office plates, cutleries and tea from the pantry to completely indulge ourselves with these mouthwatering goodies. SA Delights specialises in baked and non-baked desserts from the Philippines and our special delivery consisted of two packs of Filipino Macaroni Salad, a pack of Biko (sticky rice cake), half a dozen Nestum Banana Muffins, one pack of Chocolate Crinkles and a pack of Florentine were placed nicely in a brunch style for everyone in the office to try.

Filipino-style Macaroni Salad – colourful, sweet with added nutritious benefits

The Filipino Macaroni Salad really came as a surprise to us because what looks like pasta with peas and carrots is actually sweet, creamy macaroni with bits of Nata de coco! Macaroni salad is popular in the southern part of the Philippines and as SA Delights’ special, chia seeds were added in for that extra nutritious value. The salad works well as an appetiser or sides and it’s best to chow this down when it’s cool on a hot sunny day.

Airtight, re-sealable packaging with silica gel to ensure freshness and labelled with best before date

On the other hand, Biko is a non-baked rice cake made of glutinous rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar. Usually consumed for mid-afternoon snacks in the Philippines, we cheers to the great timing when it arrived to us! The taste of the carefully packed rice cake, chewy with perfect amount of peanuts on top made it as an instant favourite among the colleagues and I’m sure to any rice-loving fans out there too!

Those who usually don’t eat any breakfast were seen clearing the wholesome, soft and moist Nestum Banana Muffins down to its cup. It was such a hit with the cinnamon taste it has that you could go about your day just with one piece of natural banana taste! Great swap for a heavy breakfast too.

Chocolate Crinkles and Florentine cookies are great for quick grabs in between busy work schedules

The popular ones are Chocolate Crinkles frosted with icing sugar that looks like a tough cookie but is actually a luxurious, fudge-like texture that was taken up within seconds. Whereas, the Florentine cookies made up of seeds are great to chew on for the busiest ones, perfect to be paired with a cup of hot beverage while at work or at home (and it can be addictive to munch on).

SA Delights Food menu with very reasonable pricing ranging from RM5 to RM15 per pack of goodies

There are more from SA Delights to help you satisfy your sweet tooth cravings such as Turon and Nestum Banana Muffins in a large pack, and the items on the menu are completely customisable. New customers of SA Delights, get your pack of goodies today and get RM2 off of your next order with a minimum purchase of RM15, valid within 2 weeks from the date of delivery of your first order. Prices are available at SA Delights Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SA-Delights and text Alanna at https://bit.ly/WhatsAppSaDelights for your first order today!

As an icing on top, and in conjunction with The Iskandarian’s 8th Year anniversary, we’ve something sweet as a form of giveaway from SA Delights. Check out our socmeds to stand a chance to win!