Sultan of Johor Addresses Concerns on Anti-Vaccine Groups

His Majesty advises the public to understand the worldwide pandemic situation better

His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim urges the public not to be swayed by anti-vaccine activists (Image courtesy of Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar Facebook page)

The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, has urged the public not to be swayed by anti-vaccine activists and to instead recognise the necessity of immunisation in avoiding COVID-19 from becoming a public health problem.

His Majesty said that Islam encourages Muslims to always protect their personal safety by taking all necessary precautions to avoid harm, including disease outbreaks.

“Prevention is preferable to cure. Anti-vaxxers disseminate absurd stories, so don’t believe them. Get vaccinated for your own safety and achieve herd immunity which will help to control the spread of COVID-19”, urged the Sultan of Johor in a message posted on his official Facebook page.

Sultan Ibrahim also stated that individuals who refuse to take the government-provided vaccines, which have also been declared halal by the Fatwa Committee, will simply expose themselves to this extremely dangerous infection.

“Islam forbids its adherents from completely surrendering to fate without making every attempt to escape it. Meanwhile, those who have been vaccinated should not get comfortable about not following the SOPs.

Sultan Ibrahim also stated that the government is always making an effort using several efficient techniques to boost the number of registrants for the COVID-19 immunisation.