State Government of Johor in Talks to Purchase Vaccines from Singapore

What you have to know about ‘Johor’s Way’ of meeting between assemblymen called upon Sultan of Johor on Thursday

Menteri Besar of Johor, Datuk Ir. Haji Hasni Mohammad chaired a virtual discussion with Johor’s assemblymen on the welfare of the people of Johor during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kota Iskandar, Thursday, 27th May 2021

A virtual meeting held on Thursday, 27th May 2021 between members of parliament and assemblymen of Johor, chaired by Menteri Besar of Johor, Datuk Ir. Haji Hasni Mohammad raised concerns between the representatives on the plight of the people during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and found a few new solutions which is a new stimulus package 3.0.

Dubbed as ‘Johor’s Way’ of discussions, differences of political parties were put aside and every concern and recommendations were taken into account to reach a total consensus and agreement.

The Johor State Government is planning to provide an economic stimulus package 3.0 on top of the RM10 million provisions of Food Baskets.

Ensuring the vaccination process is accelerated safely and effectively, the state government would work closely with the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and other organisations involved in the vaccination programme.

The state is also in the process of obtaining its own vaccines which includes an initiative to purchase some from Singapore and to add additional supply of 100,000 doses specifically for ‘Economic Frontliners’ under Johor Immunity Planning System (IMMU Plan), a special portal for Malaysians working in Singapore to register for the COVID-19 vaccine with a total of 85,849 applications and 72,180 have met the criteria to be categorised as frontline workers in the Johor state economy.

In an effort to help release factual information and correct any misunderstandings and false news in regards to COVID-19, assemblymen were given RM50,000 each.

A statement released by the Menteri Besar said the assemblymen have agreed and supported the State Government’s proposal to strengthen the role of District Officers, District Land administrators and the President of the District Council in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the enforcement aspect.

Hasni also calls for increased efforts and initiatives to fight COVID-19 in their respective constituencies for the greater good.