Soothing for the Sight and Mind

Columbia Asia Hospital-Tebrau unveils its newly opened Thematic Children’s Ward

Mascot Zoey at the Nurse Station of the Paediatric Ward

Columbia Asia Hospital–Tebrau has finally opened the long-awaited Thematic Children’s Ward to the public, officiated by Rahani Yaacob, Regional General Manager along with Dr Suresh Subramaniam, Chief Medical Services (CMS) and Dr Farzana Mohamed Yusof, Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) Chairperson.

Opening ceremony officiated by Rahani Yaacob, Regional General Manager (right)

Modern paediatric wards with every detail are thought out to optimise the care, upbringing and wellbeing of the child. The wards are arranged and decorated with children in mind to create a comfortable environment for the child. The rooms are designed to speed patients’ recovery and promote the emotional well-being of each child up to 12 years of age.

“A total of 10 single rooms consisting of 6 baby cots and 4 single beds in the paediatric ward with 2 themed concepts – Submarine and Underwater World, located on the 1st floor of the hospital. The attractiveness of the environment and colour scheme is also important as colours convey emotions, feelings and experiences. We hope parents and children will feel less anxious and relaxed throughout their day and at the same time make their overnight stays a comfortable one too”, said Rahani Yaacob, Regional General Manager of the hospital.

Thematic Wards – Submarine and Underwater World

Nursing care is provided by experienced ward staff who have been trained in paediatric nursing, and the wards can cater to any chronic conditions or special needs with support from other departments.

On the opening day, the hospital received 6 admissions and each family was presented with a token of appreciation that consists of a tiffin set, mug, show bag and a pillow for them to take home.

Happy patients with their souvenirs

We hope the hospital will continue to provide every patient with the best care and experience in line with the tagline of “We have a passion for making people better.”

Columbia Asia hospitals offer cost-effective medical services by setting up mid-sized hospitals in residential areas, making quality private healthcare affordable and accessible with no compromise on the quality of healthcare, amenities and medical skills. For further information, please contact Columbia Asia Hospital-Tebrau at  +60 (7) 272 9999.