Reminding Malaysians: “Hello, We Can!”

In collaboration with Grab, Astro and GETHA, GSC launches campaign for Malaysians to create and share positive, motivational content


In conjunction with Hari Merdeka and Malaysia Day and in support of mental health in Malaysia, the country’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), in collaboration with partners, Grab, Astro, and GETHA are embarking on a mission to uplift the nation’s spirit through a special social campaign.

Dubbed “Hello, We Can!”, this initiative aims to remind Malaysians of our resilience and never-give-up spirit in the face of adversity, while creating awareness for mental health through crowd-sourced content created by Malaysians, for Malaysians.

From inspirational postcards to videos on tips and tricks to manage one’s mental health, “Hello, We Can!” encourages Malaysians to share positive, motivational content with others on their own social media using the hashtag #HelloWeCan. The goal is to propagate a wealth of well-wishes, words of encouragement, and more in videos and photos, which users can browse and peruse in the hopes of lifting their spirits and mental well-being.

Reminding Malaysians: “Hello, We Can!”

More than just a campaign to collate feel-good user-generated content, “Hello, We Can!” will also actually benefit NGOs and NPOs that are dedicated to the cause of mental health betterment. In support of organisations like the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), Befrienders Malaysia, the Mental Illness Awareness and Support Association (MIASA), as well as The Community and Sustainability Centre of Universiti Malaya (UMCares), RM10 will be channelled into a donation pool with every positive post shared using #HelloWeCan. These donations will help fund each of these organisations’ individual mental health initiatives including the operation of crisis helplines, psychosocial therapy, capital building, and much more.

“Malaysians have spent close to a year and a half in lockdown since the pandemic started and it is beginning to take a toll on their mental health, as we see rising cases of depression and self-harm. While some have been able to cope, others are feeling fatigued, burnt out, and frustrated.

It is with this in mind that GSC is collaborating with some of the biggest homegrown organisations and voices in Malaysia, to contribute to improving the emotional and mental well-being of our countrymen. ‘Hello, We Can!’ aims to cheer Malaysians on through social media and support NGOs and NPOs that are effecting real change,” said Koh Mei Lee, Chief Executive Officer of GSC.

“In tough times, especially now more than ever, coming together and supporting each other’s mental health makes us stronger and more resilient as an individual and a community as a whole. WAO firmly believes that through this initiative “Hello, We Can!”, WE CAN overcome obstacles together and build a better country for all of us,” added Sumitra Visvanathan, Executive Director of the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO).

“One population that appears to be disproportionately affected yet might not have the same support are young people, especially in universities. We need more initiatives to ensure their mental health and well-being are protected as we navigate not only a COVID pandemic but an equally devastating, hidden pandemic – a mental health pandemic,” Dr Amer Siddiq, Director of UMCares.

“We are confident that this campaign will further encourage and enhance our Befrienders Centres nationwide to reach out and provide confidential support to people in emotional crisis or distress without prejudice,” said Saras Pillay, President of Befrienders Malaysia.

“It is wonderful to see many parties coming together to empower the community and support each other in these trying times. Mental health has been neglected far too long and with this pandemic hit, many have been impacted psychologically and emotionally. Through this campaign, we hope to strengthen our unity and the solidarity of Malaysians, emphasizing the importance of #kitajagakita with no one left behind. Indeed, when we work in silos, we can get things done, but when we work together, we can create miracles,” said Anita Abu Bakar, President & Founder of the Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association (MIASA).

While every post will see a donation of proceeds going to these organisations, “Hello, We Can!” will also reward participating audiences with prizes to be won, comprising GETHA products, vouchers, and cash, totalling up to RM38,000. The first 20,000 participants can also walk away with RM10 GrabMart promo codes.

To participate, audiences simply need to upload a photo or video to Instagram or TikTok with the hashtag #HelloWeCan. Postings must be permanent on the uploader’s feed or reel for verification, and all accounts participating must be public. Instagram stories are not accepted. Posted contents are then verified and must be in accordance with GSC’s guidelines and terms & conditions to be eligible for rewards.

Find out more about “Hello, We Can!” on the GSC website here: (The closing date of entries is before the 10th of September 2021).