Singer-Songwriter MATT THENG Releases ‘if loves exists’

An open letter of loneliness


Singer-songwriter Matt Theng’s third single, ‘if love exists’, drops today on the back of almost half a million total streams to date under his belt. The new single underscores the singer’s natural flair for expressing raw emotions through heartfelt lyrics, melodious tunes and soothing vocals.

In ‘if love exists’, Matt tugs at the heartstrings of those who find themselves in solitude, reflecting on the notion of singlehood and how we’ve normalised being alone. “Being single is all I’ve ever known. I didn’t think much of it until my close friends started falling in love. It was then that I started becoming aware of being alone and envious of those who had found their ‘someone’. Waiting too long for the right one to come along can hurt,” Matt elaborates. Mustering the courage to share the struggles of coping with loneliness is no easy feat, but the homegrown talent, evidently, takes the challenge in his stride.

Produced and arranged by Bang Wenfu, who has produced for the likes of Kit Chan, ‘if love exists’ is a heartbreaking love song that somehow still finds a way to riddle itself with the sweet notes of hope and optimism that surround love. The lyrics in this acoustic number echo the patience and fortitude an individual displays in the journey of finding true love. The new single transpired from a day-long writing session where Matt delved into his innermost thoughts as an individual who has always chosen to obscure his emotions from others. “I often bottle up my feelings, so pouring them into this song really released the lid for me,” Matt admits. Raw emotions form the foundation of the singer’s folk, rock and pop styled music; ‘if love exists’ is certainly a sentimental testament to that.

Matt hopes that sharing his personal journey would bring light to many others who have made a home of their silence. “If you share the same struggle in finding love, you are not alone. Your time will come, and the agony will come to an end. In the meantime, we should all continue to wish and hope for it,” Matt says.

‘if love exists’ is now available on all streaming platforms here.