Shelter Home Nightmare: Robbed Down To Nothing!


Amari Johor Bahru does its part for Pertubuhan Kebajikan Fitrah Qaseh Pekan Nenas 1

Recently, the shelter home of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Fitrah Qaseh at Pekan Nenas 1 (Home) was robbed and about 20 abused and physically challenged children were left with nothing. As the home was left in a mess, the children had no choice but to cramp themselves in the Larkin Fitrah Qaseh shelter home where another 30 homeless and abused children are staying.

The Home’s manager, Muhammad Fitri said the house that is located rather remote in the orchard of Pekan Nenas is for the well-being of the children who are in need of serenity and it is appalling that it is now robbed down to nothing!

Shelter Home Nightmare: Robbed Down To Nothing!
Amari Johor Bahru team and residents of Fitrah Qaseh Pekan Nenas 1 took a time to have some playtime after unloading and rearranging furniture for the robbed house

The team members of 6 staff from  Amari Johor Bahru collected furniture, household items, beds, mattresses, toys, clothes, pillows, groceries and all other necessities generously donated by the expatriate community in Ledang Heights and Leisure Farm, spearheaded by the hotel’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing Communications, M.S. Bobby. Two 3 tonne lorries were sent to Ledang Heights and Leisure Farm to load the various items contributed by several expat families.

Shelter Home Nightmare: Robbed Down To Nothing!
The living room that was left with nothing is furnished by donated goods from Ledang Heights and Leisure Farm residents

The hotel also presented a cheque of RM1,708 and cash donation of RM300 to Camellia Fitri, who also manages the Homes in Pekan Nenas and Larkin. The money was collected from Amari’s ongoing ‘Ringgit For Better Life’ where Amari’s staff are encouraged to donate their spare change into the fund to help the needy under Amari’s CSR programmes. The cheque presentation was held at Amari Johor Bahru where about twenty of the children from Fitrah Qaseh were treated to Hi-Tea.

Amari Johor Bahru would continue to aid Fitrah Qaseh in a longer run and foresee matters that the Home needs under its CSR programmes.