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Repayment Assistance during Challenging Times

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When COVID-19 is bad enough to halt your income, the flood situation is equally bad dampening fincancial situations and spirits. In line with that, AKPK is offering targeted repayment assistance for AKPK’s Debt Management Programme (DMP) customers who have been affected by the recent floods in several states, to help alleviate their financial burden.

The repayment assistance includes postponement of, or lower monthly DMP instalments, subject to customer requests and AKPK’s assessment.

Flood affected AKPK customers may apply for the repayment assistance online at: http://customer.akpk.org.my/.

Please be informed that all of these services are FREE and AKPK has never appointed any agents or third party representatives to act on its behalf. For more information, please visit their website at https://www.akpk.org.my.

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