Over 600 Students Compete in Choral Speaking Hosted by Yayasan JCorp

Prizes worth RM10,800 for Johor state level competition were offered

Primary Level Champion

On the 25th and 26th of September 2023, Yayasan JCorp and the Johor State Education Department hosted the state-level Choral Speaking Competition.

More than 600 students from 22 Primary and Secondary Schools in Johor took part in the competition. The theme for this competition was Environment and Climate Change.

Yayasan JCorp’s involvement in the English language improvement programme began in 2012, according to Zaidatul Zurita Abdul Rahman, the company’s CEO, through tuition projects carried out in a few particular schools in the state of Johor.

Secondary Level Champion

“As the education system evolves, we at Yayasan JCorp believe that communication skills in English are vital for our students. That is why we have launched our first-ever choral speaking competition, where our students can demonstrate their talents and potentials in speaking English with confidence.”

It is also in parallel with the present development of various industries, which emphasises English for employment, she said.

She emphasised Yayasan JCorp’s commitment to supporting initiatives promoting English language proficiency in her remarks. English modules created specifically for middle school students throughout Johor are one of these strategic endeavours. 660 students from 22 esteemed secondary schools in the Johor area participated in this particular project. In addition, there is the partnership with Deloitte KidsEdu, which focuses on households in the B40 demographic and primary school students.

Primary Level Favourite

Yayasan JCorp also recruited volunteers from the Johor Student Leaders Council (JLSC) to serve as instructors for the Deloitte KidsEdu programme.

This Johor state level competition offered prizes totaling RM10,800.

The first-place winner received RM4,000, the second-place winner RM2,500, and the third-place winner RM1,500. The winners were also given a plaque and a participation certificate. 

Aside from the main prize and best conductor award, there was also an award for the favourite team and the best script award, both of which received RM500 in cash. This award was chosen based on the most ‘likes’ on Yayasan JCorp’s social media platform.

Haji Md Said bin Md Daimon, the Johor State Education Director, stated that the competing schools are the best from every district in Johor, including those in rural areas.

Secondary Level Favourite

“Through this kind of competition, it allows all schools, especially pupils, to strengthen their English skills in addition to creating healthy competition among pupils”.

“Thank you, Yayasan Johor Corporation, for a lot of support, especially those involving pupils’ talent development activities,” he said.

In conjunction with the choral speaking competition, SWM Environment Sdn Bhd and the Johor State Environment Department held an exhibition in keeping with the programme’s environmental theme.