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No More Water Rationing For Johoreans

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Johor’s Scheduled Water Supply (BAB) will be ended this weekend

International Trade, Investment and Utility Committee Chairman, Jimmy Puah Wee Tse today has stated in his media release that all Scheduled Water Supply (BAB) throughout Johor which includes Kota Tinggi, Kluang (Simpang Renggam), Pontian and Mersing will soon stopped by 26th October 2019, Saturday.

This is a response after observing the frequency of rain since a few weeks ago and the rainfall could help increase the water level in affected dams and rivers.

However, it is advisable for users to use their water wisely seeing the level of water at the affected dams and rivers are still unstable and yet to reach the safe or normal level.

According to Puah, the water level at Sg. Gembut that supplies raw water to Sg Gembut’s water treatment plant (LRA) as of 22nd October 2019 is at 0.22 meters compared to levels of 0.77 meters. Sungai Sedili Kecil that has supplied raw water to Lok Heng’s LRA has current reading of 1.53 meters compared to the usual 2.75 meters.

Machap Dam, supplier for Simpang Renggam LRA shows a reading of 14.38 meters compared to 16.00 meters for its normal reading and Labong Dam, supplier for Endau LRA reads 5.07 meters currently against the normal reading of 8.42 meters.

Continued and combined efforts by state government and Ranhill SAJ will be to ensure the clean water supply in the state is sufficient and BAB would not have to be implemented unless for any unavoidable circumstances such as the extremely dry and hot weather recently.

For any enquiries, users can contact Ranhill SAJ at their customer hotline 1800 88 7474 or SMS to 019 7727474. Get updated with the latest news through www.ranhillsaj.com.my.

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