More Online Payment Options for Highway Users

Touch ‘n Go card for highway tolling would also be retired in 2025 and the SmartTag lane to be phased out

Malaysian highway by Marl Chan

According to Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof, the public will soon be allowed to pay highway tolls using any digital payment source other than Touch ‘n Go.

In an interview with Free Malaysia Today, he claimed that the Touch ‘n Go card for highway tolling will be phased away in 2025, as would the SmartTag lane.

“Whether you want to use a Touch ‘n Go eWallet, a debit or credit card, Visa or Mastercard, or any other type of (electronic) payment system, as long as there’s a link accessible on a (certain) roadway,” said Fadillah.

He stated that the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) was working to make it easier for the public to accept online payments.

However, the future deployment of any digital payment for highway tolls will be contingent on when RFID penetration reaches a suitable level and when highway concessionaires are ready to connect up with other online payment providers, he added.

According to him, just one RFID tag would be necessary for the purpose.

He also stated that highway concessionaires had been directed to be ready to implement a multi-lane free flow (MLFF) system by 2025, which is a barrier-free tolling system with no toll booths or dedicated lanes.

The MLFF system uses a gantry structure equipped with automated number plate recognition (ANPR) at specific locations.

According to Fadillah, LLM needed to fine-tune several aspects before releasing the MLFF system, including the rules aspect, enforcement processes, infrastructure development, RFID penetration rate, and communication strategy for MLFF deployment.

“The MLFF system was an important component of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) architecture for future highway networks,” he added.