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MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Debuted in Batu Pahat, Johor

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The third location in Malaysia’s largest breakfast event also inculcated active lifestyle and highlighted the importance of recycling for a healthier and more sustainable future

MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2019 made its third stop in Batu Pahat, Johor last week as part of its seven-location nationwide tour to engage more Malaysians on the importance of healthy breakfast habits and active lifestyle. It was the first time Batu Pahat played host, attracting 8,000 early risers who took part in an array of fun and educational activities, the highlight of which was a 3km fun run.

Now entering its seventh consecutive year, the largest breakfast event in Malaysia continues to emphasise the importance of giving children the right start with a healthy breakfast to help them stay energised to take on the day. It helps to create awareness among parents that their children’s day is bigger than they realise. From rising early in the morning to catch the school bus and staying focused in the classroom, to staying back for extracurricular activities, attending extra classes, enjoying their favourite sports and doing their revision in the evening, a child’s day is filled to the brim.

MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Debuted in Batu Pahat, Johor

“MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day is in line with our purpose to create an active and healthy Malaysia. Building on the momentum of the first two events in Putrajaya and Penang, we were excited to bring it to Batu Pahat for the first time as a platform for Malaysians from diverse backgrounds and communities to come together and learn the importance of a wholesome and balanced breakfast in providing the energy to carry the day, while encouraging an active lifestyle through the various physical activities during this event,” said Maria Murni Nur Azmi, Consumer Marketing Manager – MILO, Nestlé Products Sdn. Bhd.

Nutrition remains at the heart of MILO, and to this end, it stays committed to providing healthy, nutritious offerings to its consumers. A must-have breakfast beverage for generations of Malaysians, MILO contains the natural goodness of milk, malt and cocoa, with essential vitamins and minerals that help to release energy efficiently from the food that you eat. A healthy breakfast paired with MILO helps to meet your daily energy requirements to stay active and take on the day.

MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Debuted in Batu Pahat, Johor

Wong Mei Ching, Group Corporate Nutrition Manager, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad remarked, “A healthy breakfast goes a long way. Breakfast replenishes your body with energy and essential nutrients after a night’s rest, thus giving your energy level a boost to kickstart an active day.

It provides about 25% of your daily energy needs. For children, this means better focus and concentration to help them perform better in school.”

While time, or the lack of it, is a common problem for parents to prepare breakfast for their children, the following recommendations can be useful. “Plan the breakfast menu with your children the night before so that they look forward to their morning, thus reducing the chance of skipping breakfast. For ideas to make your breakfast wholesome, look no further than the Malaysian Healthy Plate Model of Quarter-Quarter-Half to ensure that your meal portion is appropriate and packed with all the essential nutrients. Wholesome eating is about applying balance, moderation and variety to the food choices you make, and breakfast is a good place to start.”

MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Debuted in Batu Pahat, JohorIn its continuous effort to foster healthy behaviours among its consumers, MILO is partnering with Malaysian Dietitians Association (MDA) for the MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day campaigns. MDA offered body mass index (BMI) checks and ‘Ask A Dietitian’ consultations on diet and disease-related matters to the participants during the event.

To offer wholesome, nutritious breakfasts to as many families in Malaysia, MILO also continues its partnership with Food Aid Foundation. A portion of the proceeds raised from the MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day fun run will go towards advancing Food Aid Foundation’s mission to bring healthy breakfast options to the table in underprivileged households nationwide.

MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day Debuted in Batu Pahat, JohorMILO Aktif Negaraku, the movement to encourage Malaysians to lead active lifestyles that is gathering pace this year, also featured prominently at MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day. In addition to the 3km fun run, participants took part in activities designed to encourage them to stay active, such as Zumba, arcade basketball, target football as well as 3 vs 3 futsal tournament.

In its bid to create healthier and happier communities through sustainable solutions, MILO took one step further this year to educate participants of MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day on the importance of recycling and its positive impact on the environment.

The MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2019 tour will continue in Kuantan (21st July), Kota Bharu (27th July), Kota Kinabalu (4th August) and Kuching  (25th August). For more information, visit www.milo.com.my

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