Malaysia’s Latest Telco Yoodo is Pushing to Make Their Mark with Gamers


Customising a plan has never been this easy

Have you ever wanted to look for a new mobile plan only to find that every plan you looked at regardless of carrier always had something wrong with it? Either too much data with not enough call time, or too little data with too much call time, or a mix of data for social services such as Youtube being too little and having a cap or some sort of throttling speed at certain times. Well, Malaysia’s newest addition to the mobile telco line up Yoodo is here to change all that. With one of their tag lines being ‘You do it better’, their belief is that the customer knows exactly what they want, and it’s their job to give that to them. Being the only truly customisable package in the market, you literally pay for what you want.

Chow Tuck Mun with members of the media

As a new telco, they were looking for a way to make their mark with users, and found a perfect way to do that through mobile gamers. Boasting to have the widest coverage and fastest speeds, it was only natural to tap into hard core mobile gamers, specifically the PUBG-M players. Yoodo has shown tremendous support to the scene by sponsoring tournaments such as the PUBG Mobile National Championship and it has partnered with Tencent games to bring the event to Malaysia for a second year running.

Yoodo also has their own sponsored team called Yoodo Gank, as a way to support the players in the pursuit of the professional dream. For those who are just interested in playing casually, Yoodo is currently giving free access to their PUBG-M data add on, with plans to also bring MLBB (Mobile Legends) into the fold.

To find out more about Yoodo or to sign up, you can visit for more info.