Make This Pink October Sweeter with Coolblog

Check out how you could benefit and contribute to Pink October with Coolblog’s new series of yoghurt smoothies

Coolblog Cool, Amazin’ Yoghurt series

October is synonymous with breast cancer awareness, and Coolblog with a women-led team and female-centric consumer base has launched a new line of Cool, Amazin’ Yoghurt series to contribute to Pink October awareness.

“Malaysia has seen a recent rise in popularity of yoghurt-based drinks which have now become one of the top most sought-after treats by local consumers. Coolblog has heeded this call, inspiring the brand to launch the new yoghurt-themed series, Cool Amazin’ Yoghurt,” said Coolblog in a statement. 

Cool, Amazin’ Yogurt Series

The new line includes three superfruit flavours, yoghurt-based smoothie with real fruit puree toppings namely Merry Mango, Blueberry Bliss and Strawberry Swirl. 

We at The Iskandarian got to taste the new drinks and the verdict is – a joyful fruit party that feels healthy!

Merry Mango paired with Amazin’ Graze Chocolate Hazelnut Granola

As a fan of mangoes, the Merry Mango smoothie has the right ratio of sweetness and tanginess with its creamy mango yoghurt smoothie topped with real mango puree. 

Blueberry Bliss gave the hint of vitamin C boost, with real blueberry puree on the smoothie. We found munching Amazin’ Graze Nutmix Pandan Coconut to go with the blueberry flavour a refreshing treat. 

A marriage of two fruit flavours, the Strawberry Swirl is made up of strawberry yoghurt smoothie and topped with real mango bits. We experimented by sprinkling Amazin’ Graze’ Blueberry Coconut Granola and it was a perfect energy boost between meals.  

Strawberry Swirl with Amazin’ Graze Granola Blueberry Coconut

The Strawberry Swirl smoothie will be dedicated to Pink October, with Coolblog contributing RM1 from every purchase of this flavour to the oldest standing advocate for cancer control in Malaysia, the National Cancer Society Malaysia to aid in their ongoing initiatives for breast cancer awareness through education, care and support for those affected by breast cancer. 

Linking-up with Local Brands 

Blueberry Bliss and Amazin’ Graze Nutmix Pandan Coconut

A beloved homegrown brand, Coolblog has also partnered with fellow local brand Amazin’ Graze to promote uplifting lifestyle. 

Consumers will now be able to get their yoghurt smoothie and granola fix in selected stores across Malaysia. This pairing is the perfect snack to leave anyone feeling good, packed with deliciousness to help consumers feel ready to take on the day. 

Health Screening Discounts for Fans with BookDoc

Doing even more part to raise cancer awareness, the brand has also partnered with BookDoc to provide exclusive discounts on women’s health screening packages via the BookDoc E-marketplace website for loyal supporters of CoolBlog. 

The Cool Amazin’ Yoghurt series will be available from 1st October 2022 – 24th November 2022 in all Coolblog stores across Malaysia. 

Although decadent, the smoothies have been priced at a reasonable RM11.90 for Blueberry Bliss and RM10.90 for Merry Mango as well as Strawberry Swirl, in line with Coolblog’s belief that everyone can treat themselves with the very best whenever they want to and as often as they like. 

More info could be found on Coolblog’s social media.