Let the Creative Juices Flow at Art & Sip

Local artist takes a different approach in encouraging people to pick up art


The last time I did any painting was about a decade ago in school. I took an art subject in my sixth form and managed to score an A minus for the finals despite being colour blind!

“There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” I cannot remember how many times I have heard the great Bob Ross utter those words; a known artist who kicked off his televangelical step-by-step painting show. In that time, Bob managed to captivate his audiences by producing the most beautiful and intricate landscape panoramas by using the most unorthodox methods. Not forgetting his serenading voice of instructions that essentially pioneered the Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) concept of today.

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The umpteenth group who enjoyed almost every minute of the session

Recently I had a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream to emulate, or at least to make Bob proud, by attending Art & Sip at Amari Johor Bahru. Art & Sip is an ingenious idea conceptualised by local artist, Lavannia Kumar.

Some of the basic stuff you’ll need to make your masterpiece

Art & Sip is an interesting mesh between anything art and just hanging out with friends, or making new ones in the process. The idea is to work with a group of art enthusiasts or even newbies on a particular art assignment, while having a sip of either a good strong drink, for those who do, or a friendly mocktail for those who might be driving home later.

Lavannia is a local artist who wants to promote the various art segments such as the fine arts like painting and drawing, or craftsmanship like weaving to the communities here.

Pretty good for a first-timer!

Currently, Art & Sip has scheduled sessions at Amari Johor Bahru and at Fika Farmhouse at Horizon Hills. Art & Sip is also available for hire at private events such as birthday parties, anniversaries and gatherings. For more information or to book a slot, visit the ‘Art by Lavannia Kumar’s Facebook page or fill up the form via www.bit.do/amariartnsip