JPJ Collects RM3.2 Million

Johor JPJ collected the sum for the “JUN” number plate series through bids

JPJ Collects RM3.2 Million
For illustration purposes – (photo credit: Evgeny Tchebotarev on Unsplash)

Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Johor (JPJ) through its JPJeBid online vehicle registration number bidding system was targeting to collect RM2.5 million from the “JUN” vehicle number plate series which opened for bidding from 13th February till 17th February. The icing of the cake was even better for they collected RM3.2 million instead for the bidding registration number of JUN series.

In total there were 3955 bidders. According to JPJ’s Facebook statement, JPJ State Director of Johor, Tuan Azmil Bin Zainal Adnan said, the highest number bid for the series is JUN 9 which was as high as RM100,000 while the second highest quote was a bid amount of RM99,000 followed by JUN 6 for RM98,000. Whereas the registration number that recorded the highest bidder of the JUN series is JUN 4101.

A total of 21 series of registration numbers have been opened by JPJ Johor since 21st August 2019 through the JPJeBID system and have successfully collected RM28,088,686.00.