Johor Port Launches Professional Masters in Port Management with UTMSPACE

More than 20 knowledge areas needed to efficiently run a modern port are now made available in conjunction with JP Skills Centre

The first batch of students for Professional Master in Port Management

Johor Port Berhad (Johor Port), a member of the MMC Group, recently launched its first Professional Masters in Port Management in collaboration with UTMSPACE in an inaugural ceremony held at Dewan Seminar, UTMSPACE Johor Bahru.

The Professional Master in Port Management, Malaysia’s first pioneer programme, is intended to improve the fundamentals and operational knowledge of port professionals not only in Malaysia but also internationally. It also aims to strengthen talent management and development within port communities by sharing knowledge and expertise in port management.

The launch was officiated by Professor Ts. Dr Nazri Ali, Acting Managing Director of UTMSPACE. Also present were Sr. Ts. Dr Zakaria bin Mohd Yusof, Director Lifelong Learning of UTMSPACE, K C Low, Head Corporate Affairs Division of Johor Port, Hermee Tahir, Head Human Resources of Johor Port and Management team from Johor Port Berhad and UTMSPACE.

Johor Port Launches Professional Masters in Port Management with UTMSPACE
Professor Ts. Dr Nazri Ali, Acting Managing Director of UTMSPACE officiating the ceremony

The first batch of 21 students was also present to receive their Offer Letters for enrollment in the Professional Master in Port Management.

Md Derick Basir, Chief Executive Officer of Johor Port Berhad said, “Johor Port is  eager to share and extend its 45 years of experience and expertise in the ports and  logistics industry through the collaboration with UTMSPACE to elevate the professional knowledge and capabilities among the local and international port workers.”

“This collaboration also represents a paradigm shift in fulfilling the need for professional and skilled manpower in the ports and logistics industry which is essential towards national development,” he added.

The collaboration with Johor Port Berhad on the implementation of the world’s first Professional Master in Port Management programme is also a significant milestone for UTMSPACE in contributing to the development of a knowledgeable community.

The modern Course Modules are developed by JP Skills Centre (JPSC), the Training Division of Johor Port, and cover more than 20 knowledge areas of studies and skills required to efficiently run a modern port in order to be the key link in the global production and supply chains.

Established in 2014, JPSC provides training to major local ports and regional ports such as Sabah Ports, PELINDO III, PELINDO IV and Vietnam Ports. JPSC is also recognised by the United Nations Conference for Trade & Development (UNCTAD) as the authorised training provider for the UNCTAD Train For Trade Modern Port Management Programme for English-speaking networks.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia established UTMSPACE in 1992 as a specially licensed centre for the implementation of lifelong learning programmes at the university level.

In collaboration with UTM Schools and Faculties, the Centre offers part-time academic programmes and organises seminars, conferences, workshops, and other professional development programmes for working professionals.