JCorp Launches JLand Group (JLG) to Capture Opportunities in New Economy Real Estate

JLG sets to drive sustainability within JCorp’s real estate and infrastructure business and has already attracted potential investment worth up to RM45.6 billion

(Left to right) Johor State Secretary Tan Sri Dr Azmi Rohani, Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi and President & Chief Executive of JCorp and Chairman of JLG Datuk Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim at the launch of JCorp’s JLG

Johor Corporation (JCorp), the principal development institution and a leading economic enabler for Johor, has officially launched JLand Group Sdn Bhd (JLG) to focus on expanding its real estate and infrastructure capabilities as one of its core business verticals.

This is in accordance with JCorp’s transformation strategy, which seeks to streamline the operations and service offerings of its subsidiaries.

Johor Menteri Besar and Chairman of JCorp, Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi officiated the launch together with Johor State Secretary Tan Sri Dr Azmi Rohani and President & Chief Executive of JCorp and Chairman of JLG Datuk Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim.

“The total value of JLG’s assets also reached an annual average of RM1.5 billion with profits amounting to RM365 million until June 2021. To date, it has also completed the construction of 35,424 units of residential and commercial properties, as well as successfully attracting potential investment of up to RM45.6 billion through collaboration strategic with industry players,” Datuk Onn Hafiz said through his official Facebook after the launch.

JLG assumes the role of an investment holding company in order to take advantage of the region’s expanding need for strategic and sustainable real estate investments.

“As part of our sustainable growth strategy, we recognise the opportune timing to tap into new growth areas in real estate and infrastructure by leveraging on our strengths and addressing evolving market needs in these sectors,” said Datuk Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, President & Chief Executive of JCorp and Chairman of JLG.

“For JCorp, the future of real estate is to build a leading entity focused on technology-enabled real estate and infrastructure in the new economy. JLG is our platform to galvanise greater innovation and capital efficiency, therein future-proofing our value chain competencies for a sustainable business ecosystem,” he further added.

JLG’s core businesses encompass four strategic pillars, namely Real Estate Development, Asset Lifecycle Management, Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure & Utilities.

JLG’s mission based on its ethos of ‘Build. Create. Thrive’, was set to be the one-stop real estate solutions provider, driving competitive edge for businesses as we cater to the rapidly evolving needs, aspirations, and lifecycles of businesses, industries, and future generations.

“By creating an integrated solutions ecosystem across our core business pillars, JLG is well-positioned to capture real estate market opportunities, not just in Malaysia but also the larger Asia Pacific region,” said Datuk Syed Mohamed.

On top of developing and managing high-quality property portfolio, JLG will work closely with industry players through synergistic partnerships to identify, pilot, and adopt new technologies and solutions across the real estate and infrastructure sector.

“As we continuously build upon decades of proven expertise and track record in selective key industries, strengthening our venture in real estate and infrastructure will improve JCorp’s overall growth trajectory and unlock new forms of value for our stakeholders,” concluded Datuk Syed Mohamed.