iProperty.com.my is Set to RECHARGE the Malaysia Property Market

Digital and data driving the way consumers seek properties


The changing property market condition today is inevitable due to COVID-19. We are seeing digital and data driving the way consumers seek properties. The recent effects of COVID-19 is showing further shifts in the way property agents and property buyers, sellers and investors, interact on their property journey. iProperty.com.my is investing into the Malaysia property market with the launch of a brand new proptech tool, and special support and packages designed specifically for property agents for today’s market. This is with the objectives to forge stronger partnerships with property agents, help them recharge their businesses and the property market.

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Property is one of the biggest financial transactions a consumer will make in their lifetime and today’s market condition sees property seekers demand more information and insights from property agents. It is key for a property agent to gain consumer confidence for a transaction to happen, and that is more so now than ever. Property seekers are also moving online for their property search and research, and COVID-19 have accelerated this.

iProperty PRO is designed to equip property agents in the market with the right tools and property data insights to help them recharge and grow connections with the millions of property seekers in Malaysia whether it is buying, selling, renting or investing. We want to continue partnering with property agents to provide them with the right tools, support and packages to stand out and win. “With access to the largest pool of property seekers in Malaysia and the latest innovation in design, data and technology, iProperty PRO is the perfect proptech tool and place for property agent clients to connect with the Malaysia property market,” said Premendran Pathmanathan, General Manager for Customer Data Solutions & Quality.

iProperty PRO allows property agents to be flexible and adapt to the changing environment. It is also a mobile-first, fast and simple to use tool that allows property agents to connect with the largest pool of property seekers in Malaysia anytime, anywhere. Property seekers can also benefit greatly by getting trusted and professional advice and the latest data from their property agent before they make that important decision to buy, sell, rent or invest.

The thousands of property agents in Malaysia are burdened by the after-effects of COVID-19. Therefore, the #iPropertyCares support was introduced when the MCO was first announced in March 2020 with a second instalment when the MCO was extended. Currently, a third instalment is now introduced where iProperty.com.my is making investments to help property agents recharge their businesses across the coming months.

“The #iPropertyCares third support package is designed to allow property agents to RECHARGE. We want to support the livelihood and careers of thousands of independent property agents in Malaysia who are impacted by COVID-19 to return stronger than before over the coming months. We are making an investment in the market to enable this to happen”, said Sean Liew, General Manager for Agent and Developer Sales, iProperty.com Malaysia Sdn Bhd.