Introducing JDETT: A New Initiative for Talent Development by IIB

Johor Digital and Emerging Technology Talent programme is aimed to Hire-Place-Train 100 participants in August 2021

JDETT aims to develop high-value jobs for new talents in the digital & emerging technology economy

The Johor Digital and Emerging Technology Talent Programme (JDETT) was developed by Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) with the goal of developing, nurturing, and creating talent to serve the emerging technology sector in the Iskandar Puteri region. The programme will be supported by industry, talent, training, and finance partners, as well as the federal government and the state government of Johor.

JDETT is part of ISKANDAR NEXT, a Private-Public Partnership Programme developed by IIB and its Group of Companies to deliver a new digital economy, new business and living experience, and new talent for the rising economy to Iskandar Malaysia.

Introducing JDETT: A New Initiative for Talent Development by IIB
IIB PCEO and Senior Management with the representatives of the hosting companies for MyStep 2021 programme

IIB President and Chief Executive Officer Datuk Ir. Khairil Anwar Ahmad said, “As one of the initiatives under ISKANDAR NEXT, JDETT aims to help alleviate economic challenges for the people of Johor, by helping to develop high-value jobs in this area. We look forward to increasing our role in developing the talent pool which includes upskilling and reskilling programmes, new education and training partnerships.

We proudly congratulate 17 trainees who will be placed at Iskandar Management Services Sdn Bhd and Synapse Innovation Sdn Bhd as the first batch to kick off the MySTEP2021 Training Programme, beginning August 2021. We hope the knowledge gained during the training period will contribute towards strengthening your marketability, enabling you to ‘pay it forward’ to your community in the future.”

JDETT is a Johor-based upskilling and reskilling programme aimed at developing talent and creating high-value jobs in the digital and emerging technology sectors. The programme will surely result in win-win outcomes for both participants and the Johor Digital Economy. Participants will have the opportunity to upskill in important disciplines that will be relevant as we continue to traverse and grow the landscape of the Johor Digital Economy.

Introducing JDETT: A New Initiative for Talent Development by IIB
JDETT is a programme under ISKANDAR NEXT launched by IIB in October 2020 for talent development

Malaysia Short-Term Employment Programme (MySTEP) and Penjana Kerjaya 2.0 initiative under Belanjawan 2021 launched to address unemployment enhance employability and stimulate domestic economic recovery. IIB Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IIB, will be implementing the programme intending to provide job opportunities in both the private and public sectors.

MySTEP programme is open to unemployed Malaysian graduates from the ages of 18 to 30. It focuses specifically on critical areas within the digital and emerging technology sector in which quality talent is under-supply. Participants will receive a salary allowance of RM2,000 per month for up to 6 months as well as a one-off mobility allowance.

With the support of key strategic partners from the Digital and Emerging Technology Industry, talent, training delivery and funding, JDETT has all the tools at its disposal to make a tangible and critical difference in the region.

The MySTEP 2021 programme aims to train 100 local digital and emerging technology companies in Johor, Malaysia. The inaugural cohort of 18 participants will begin in August, with 18 participants (trainees) joining the My STEP 2021 programme. IIB is also supporting this programme via its subsidiary, Iskandar Management Services, in the Digital Business Support and Services sector.

Introducing JDETT: A New Initiative for Talent Development by IIB
JDETT programme is designed to jumpstart and accelerate the creation of high-value jobs in the digital and emerging technology sector

Interested applicants can find out more details and apply for the programme by e-mailing