Indulging in Buffets the Smart Way


Pro-tips on getting the most of the fasting’s feast

The holy month is here to grace us with its blessings and tagging along with it, is the buffet prepared at many eateries and hotels. All we need is to survey the price and the meals they have to offer.

In a literal sense, it is to reward ourselves for the good work at abstaining from food the whole day. But there is a catch to it. When we have been avoiding meals the whole day, there is just so much we could get into our tummies. Buffets suddenly seem like a battlefield that we need to win over in order to get the sum of money we paid to make it worth it! We can somehow end up overeating, get sick the next day or just feel regretful.

Up to take some suggestions to play this game of buffet and make the most out of the many delicacies before your hungry eyes (and tummy)? We break it down to three parts, before you hit the buffet, what to do while you are at it and after the feast. Let’s get started.

Hydrate yourself well pre-buffet or at the break of the fast so you won’t be downing in too much water that might make your stomach feel full a little too early – Beverages at Ramada Hotel


Research and Stay true to your taste

This is certainly the utmost importance. Before reserving seats for any buffet, do some research about the food the places offer. Also, keep in mind to stick with our taste. A place is offering a luxurious, fine-dining food that seems like a chance in a lifetime to grab, however, remember to question if we would be happy to chow down such food? Make sure it makes the tummy, heart and wallet happy!

Don’t starve yourself

This is meant for those who are not fasting too as buffets are open to everyone. So any meals we are having leading up to the buffet, be it from breakfast, lunch or tea, remember to keep it light, decent-sized and high-in fibre. For those fasting, the final meal before we break our fast should be a hearty meal that could last for hours and hydrate ourselves really well during the night before. This way you can avoid any health issues as well.

Give some space

Our stomach needs room to fill in the new food, so let’s rid it free from any old stuff! It should be out around 12 hours if the diet includes vegetables and fibres while meat could take up to 3 days, so ensure the bowel movements are at its top condition.

Dress for the feast

Avoid anything that could restrict the stomach area or that would make it hard to breathe. Just this once, for the sake of feasting avoid skinny, slimfit, tummy controllers or corsets and do it for the moolah we paid to get to the buffet!

It really boils down to getting your money’s worth and satisfying the taste bud especially during this season with special foods on offer. But do remember that our health should be in line when we are about to gobble on a variety of food, so do take care of it pre, during and post feasting.

Seems like we are ready to hit the plates and lines of food! We will share on how to up your game during the buffet next.