Forest City Museum Receives Over 800 Walk-Ins since Opening

The newly opened attraction has monthly themes in effort to spread and promote marine ecology knowledge

The Malaysian Nature Society visits Forest City Eco Museum

Forest City Eco Museum (Museum) is an open concept urban ecological museum with a three-stage construction plan. The first phase of construction has been completed and comprises a green corridor, a seagrass restoration area, an exhibition hall and a laboratory.

The Museum aspires to raise environmental consciousness, instilling environmental culture and creating a vibrant and engaging cultural exchange forum for local people, local youth and environmental volunteers.

UMT processing specimens preservation work in the laboratory

Starting in October this year, the Museum will have a monthly theme for the dissemination and advancement of information of marine ecology and the advancement of the idea of environmental conservation for the broader community.

In order to fulfill its position as a science education centre, the Museum will launch ad hoc environmental classes for children, encouraging residents of Forest City and local communities to visit the museum to discuss awareness about the marine ecosystem surrounding Forest City.

School kids enjoying FC Eco Museum virtual tour

The Eco Museum and the FC Go Green Environmental Initiative unveiled a jointly organised educational series on 17th October 2020. The first workshop was held at the Eco Museum. During the workshop, participants were given the opportunity to learn and appreciate the fundamental knowledge of the natural environment and marine environment in the vicinity of the Forest City sustainable development concept.

Apart from the on-site session, the Museum has also launched an online interactive tour for those who are unable to be physically on-site. The interactive tour video was sent to 7 schools accepted by Forest City. Teachers and students can get acquainted with online ecology amid limits on travel restrictions.

Eco corridor walk and museum visit by MNS

Apart from being a science education centre, the Museum also plays a role as a scientific study and exchange forum for local research institutions and environmental organisations. The laboratory next to the exhibition hall offers space for local universities such as Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) to carry out some on-site testing and study work.

At the same time, the exhibition hall has also become a venue for exchange of ideas between different environmental organisations. As a close collaborator with Forest City, a group of volunteers from the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) visited the museum on 23rd October and discussed a comprehensive strategy to create a harmony between sustainable growth and the natural environment.

After its formal opening in September, the Forest City Eco Museum has earned more than 800 tourist walks. To date, 9 schools, NGOs and the local population have been talking to the Museum during the coordinated visits.