Food Security among the Main Impetus under the New Economy

Find out what it takes in 2022 for Johor to become the region’s main food hub?

Johor Agro-Based is the first agenda in Johor Budget 2022 being tabled by the Johor Menteri Besar, Datuk Ir. Haji Hasni Mohammad

Johor in its Budget 2022 tabled by the Johor Menteri Besar, Datuk Ir. Haji Hasni Mohammad has emphasised on food security improvement effort under the budget’s main impetus for the New Economy with an allotment of RM16.6 Million to run six programmes including collaboration between leading companies and entrepreneurs.

Under the newly formulated Johor State Agro-Food Policy (DANJo), it has emphasised the importance of the Food Supply Chain in both upstream and downstream industries through Input-Output analysis to strengthen Johor’s position as a regional food hub.

Collection, Processing and Packaging Centre (CPPC) Programme

The state government, through Johor Biotech, will work with leading companies in developing a Collection, Processing and Packaging Centre (CPPC) in Bio-Desaru with a site of more than 10 acres.

Conservation of Fisheries Resources and Management of Johor Shellfish Estate

RM520K allotted – Succeeding in this initiative in the waters of Tangkak, Muar, Batu Pahat and Pontian Districts.

Jemaluang Dairy Valley Programme, Mersing

The state has contributed 6.7 million litres of milk a year to the country’s milk production. Working with ECERDC to develop the Jemaluang Dairy Valley development project in the Mersing district which is expected to contribute another 6.57 million litres of milk production, which is equivalent to 10% of the country’s dairy production beginning 2023.

Increasing Agro-Food Production in Johor

The Food Investment Zone (ZPM), Food Crop Zone (ZTM) and Permanent Food Production Park (TKPM) Programme of 12461 hectares throughout the state of Johor will be strengthened.

Developing Coconut Plantation Areas

The state government together with ECERDC will develop coconut plantation areas in Mersing to cover the shortage of coconut supply in Johor and Malaysia.

Johor Agro-Based is the first agenda that has been tabled in the Johor Budget 2022 indicating its significance in the state’s plans for the coming year. Among the key plans include:

Development of Major Food Crop Production Industry

RM2.9Million – 5 projects will be strengthened such as short-term fruit crops, vegetables, cash crops, coconut crops and Agro Food Park.

Food Security among the Main Impetus under the New Economy
The up and coming Jemaluang Dairy Valley project is expected to contribute to 10% of the country’s dairy production in 2023 – image serves as illustration purpose only

Agro-Based Industry Development Programme

RM2.14Million – Aims to improve the skill level of agri-entrepreneurs and agro-based industries in the aspects of operations and production, business management and marketing more systematically.

Irrigation Infrastructure, Agricultural Drainage and Farm Roads Programme

RM6.2Million – The state government through the Department of Irrigation and Drainage will play a role in assisting in the planning and provision of a functioning and good irrigation and drainage system infrastructure.

Poultry Farming License Fee Exemption

Johor State Poultry Plantation License Payment Exemption will benefit 707 poultry farm operators.

Johor Agro-Based (agenda) Dairy and Breeding Industry Development

RM420K – Development of the Dairy and Breeding Industry that has the potential to complete the supply chain.

Disease Control and Livestock Health Programme

RM1.33Million – Involving 1,000 farmers’ efforts to control and eradicate livestock diseases.

In a post-pandemic effort, State Agriculture, Agro-based and Rural Development committee chairman Datuk Samsulbari Jamali stated in the recent Johor State assembly on 25th of November that a total of 1,773 youths in Johor has been involved in the animal husbandry field, helping the youths involved in the agriculture sector and food industry through incentives, machinery and tools aid as well as an apprenticeship programme.