Editor’s Note


Greetings my fellow readers.

In a few days, all Hindus around the world will be celebrating Deepavali / Diwali. It is the time of gathering with merriment and the celebration of good over evil, light over darkness. Bearing the still ongoing coronavirus in the country, do exercise caution when visiting your close family members and if possible avoid any crowded places.

This November, there are 2 new movies from our movie partners Sony Pictures Malaysia and The Walt Disney Company Malaysia. Click on our Movie tab for updates closer to its release dates.

For those thirsty for Music updates, our Music tab under Waves (https://waves-lifestyle.com/musics/) has lots of latest updates! We also carry Fashion news and Book reviews in its respective tabs as well. So, do check them out.

Our Food column has some simple recipes from Ayam Brand Malaysia using pantry staples. Click the Food tab and whip up tasty meals for your family or browse through previous recipes if you have not tried them out before. So happy exploring and cooking!

As a sigh of relief, most hotels have started to open their doors for staycations and dining-in for vaccinated Malaysians. Do keep abreast of the latest updates and announcements from the government before making any hotel bookings or ensure that the place you’ve booked at has some COVID-19 cancellation or postponement policies.

As always, for those wishing to share their fashion collection, travel tales, or like us to review your restaurant/hotel for a staycation, drop me an e-mail at waves.lifestyle@gmail.com and be featured. For more news, do access www.theiskandarian.com and https://waves-lifestyle.com

We at The Iskandarian would like to wish everyone a very Happy Deepavali! #staysafe