Digitalising Entrepreneurs are Challenging but Doable

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, adapting to the new market opened by new normal is essential to small medium businesses but how?

Promotional graphic for Cyberview Sdn Bhd Tech Talk first webinar session of 2021

Cyberview Sdn Bhd (Cyberview), Cyberjaya’s Tech Hub Operator, has conducted their first webinar session of 2021, a follow-up series from 2020 that concluded the need for companies to experience digital transformation that reached widespread agreement among company leaders, digital disruptors, and advocates.

As lockdowns and pandemic-related constraints become more prevalent, the issue of how to reconcile a drastic transition to digital and the advantages it provides with maintaining market continuity during COVID-19 becomes more urgent.

Titled “Surviving A Pandemic: What it means to digitally transform your business”, the talk saw Director of Business Digital Adoption at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Muhundhan Kamarapullaai sharing about the awareness among the mom-and-pop shops to go digital are there and the tools that are available – but the challenge is for them to know where to start. 

Nik Muhammad Amin of @moovbymalaysia, alumni of Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) whose startups mainly relies on commute has expanded to neighbouring countries but the lockdown implementation led them to adapt by diversifying their means of business – usually closely related to the main offerings in MOOVBY’s case, carpooling to vehicles disinfecting service. 

Another CLLA alumnus, Stephen Lim of NEXPlatfrom said businesses should see data as the new currency. “The real power of the data lies in between the insights and also actions deriving from it. While collecting the data, we need to think on how to benefit and commercialise the data that you have,” he said while giving examples on how to make new services by scheming through the data that businesses already have in hand. 

Cyberview is holding their 2021 webinar series bi-monthly. This webinar is recorded and uploaded in Cyberviews YouTube channel. For more information, head to Cyberview’s Facebook page.