Did You Know That Food Waste is Good for The Earth?


Tanah Sutera Development welcomes you to do good for the Earth and they want to teach you how to do it

Green initiative advocates, Tanah Sutera Development (Tanah Sutera) is back at it again with their biannual Good Earth Exhibition and this time the spotlight is on food waste & composting.

Tanah Sutera’s Good Earth initiative was launched in 2011 as a pilot project in the hope of promoting green initiatives such as the use of effective microorganisms (EM), recycling – reusing – reducing (3R) and composting, just to name a few. Rebranded as Sutera Good Earth (SGE), this initiative is aimed to restore Mother Earth and to achieve the status as a zero-waste township.

Sutera Green Earth Exhibition 2019: Food Waste – Reborn flyer

This time around, SGE is focusing on the very thing that people take for granted, which is food waste. Everyone assumes that the leftover food has no place on the dining table, let alone the kitchen. However, leftovers can be good for the Earth. How you may ask? Remember that song from the Lion King? It’s the Circle of Life!

Food waste is generally discarded as many other perishable items in our pantry when, in fact, these unfinished goods can be turned into fuel and energy, or even as fertiliser.

SGE will be promoting composting at this years’ exhibition with the theme Food Waste – Reborn. Part of the effort will be to educate and increase awareness about the importance and effectiveness of the process of composting.

The SGE Exhibition 2019 will be held from 13th September 2019 to 29th September 2019 from 10.30am to 10.30pm at Sutera Mall, Level 4. The exhibition will feature plenty of green activities such as exhibition and education booths by local authorities and private sector, namely, SWM, SWCorp, MBIP, IRDA and even the Education Department.

Tanah Sutera welcomes everyone from within their township, as well as from neighbouring communities to be part of this green effort.