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Developers in Medini Deals with Stray Dogs Issue

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The initiative was much needed to address the growing population of stray dogs in the area

Several developers in Medini, Iskandar Puteri have taken the first step in tackling the issue with controlling the population and movements of the stray dog population in the area.

CI Medini, Sunway Iskandar, as well as Medini Iskandar have their own ways to deal with their rather furry residents. Partnering with the local Iskandar Puteri City Council (MBIP), these developers have taken measure such as catching, neutering or spaying, and releasing the dogs to ensure that the population does not grow.

The city council welcomes NGOs and the public to hop on the bandwagon in efforts to control the stray dog population as to avoid any unwanted problems to residents and patrons.

HOPE, SPCA, Zero Hunger For Strays are some of the NGOs who are currently engaging in active canine control.

“I would advise that you form a committee consisting of the developers, NGOs, town councils, and even dog lovers to address this issue. Organise campaigns and CSR programmes, in time, the population will surely decrease, and more of our furry friends will have a home,” suggested Datuk Steven Choong, MP of Tebrau during his dialogue session with the concerned parties.

Currently, the MBIP have an SOP to deal with the problem of over population of stray dogs. However, they are only activated when there is a complaint from the public. Besides, the MBIP does not have a dog pound to house the caught dogs for further processing. This is where the NGOs play their part in supporting the town council with sheltering solutions.

In the hope of promoting animal rights, human comfort and convenience must also be taken into consideration. The public are encouraged to follow the simple procedures of getting a licence, neutering or spaying, and even taking care of their animals’ basic needs such as food and shelter. This will significantly help to curb the unnecessary hassle of dealing with strays later on.

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