Census Data is Important for Rakyat Focused City Planning, says Iskandar Malaysia

Showcase of the ‘Iskandar Malaysia Urban Observatory’ or ‘IMUO’ data analytics platform demonstrates the importance of census data for the benefit of the Rakyat

National Budget 2021
Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, CE of IRDA shares about the National Budget 2021

Iskandar Malaysia showcase of its data analytics platform, ‘Iskandar Malaysia Urban  Observatory’ or ‘IMUO’,  at the launch of CENSUS 2020 demonstrates the importance of census data  in helping the relevant  authorities to make  better  planning for cities development that will ultimately benefit the Rakyat.

“Census data such as age, gender, household income and work skill level help the authorities to understand the general depiction and situation of the Rakyat.  When these data are collated and analysed through a powerful data analytics platform such as the IMUO and churned out into more useful analysis such as grouped by location or household income, these can help the authorities to make interventions quickly in critical areas, for example, providing economic or entrepreneurship support to youth or single mothers in a particular area,” commented Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, Chief Executive, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA).

In Iskandar Malaysia, the census data provided by the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) has been very useful in helping the economic region to achieve its goal of holistic development in the economic, social and environmental aspects.

For instance, analysed data on population household income in Iskandar Malaysia revealed a group of villagers in the region that needed to be ‘transformed’ so that they are not left behind due   to the region’s rapid development and would also be able to participate and benefit from the economic activities.  This translated into the ‘Kawan Iskandar Malaysia’ or KIM project where villagers from 14 villages were provided with the relevant  training and grants to enhance their traditional economic activities such as fishing to a more dynamic and higher return activity such as eco-tourism.

The household income and housing type analysis also helped the region to effectively plan for one of its biggest Rakyat projects, the Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transit or IMBRT routes throughout the Iskandar Malaysia area.

The same analysis was also used to understand housing demand and supply, and again come up with interventions such as the housing pricing policy for the different areas in Iskandar Malaysia.

Using DOSM data on unemployment rate and education level of the population in Iskandar Malaysia, interventions were also adequately done to attend to the economic needs of this population. Also, through IMUO, appropriate strategic moves and informed decisions targeting sustainable economic growth, environmental preservation planning and better quality of life for both the citizens and visitors to Iskandar Malaysia can be made.

Apart  from  using  data  from  the  DOSM, IMUO  also  collate  and  analyse  data  from Smart City application  such as sensors and data  harnessing through mobile apps.

“Clearly, data from the census is vital in helping the authorities to understand the Rakyat and I urge everyone to participate in CENSUS 2020 so that  we may contribute towards better growth and development of the country,” said Datuk Ismail.