Care United Johor Bahru Expands its Food Aid Distribution

The NGO perseveres despite the increasing numbers of aid request during this long-lasting pandemic

Food aid distributed by Mahendran at Kangkar Tebrau Area

Care United Johor Bahru (CUJB) has expanded and increased its food aid distribution to the needy across Johor and Melaka, responding to the overwhelming demand for food assistance caused by the COVID-19 pandemic while following strict COVID-19 SOPs. The NGO has also assisted various ad hoc calls for food assistance from multiple channels.

Care United Johor Bahru Expands its Food Aid Distribution
Kg Melayu Majidee volunteers distributing Care United food Aid

According to their press statement, the NGO with over 16 years of stint has partnered with other experienced NGOs like Yayasan Kebajikan Suria, Insan Johor Relief, Persatuan Kebajikan Masyarakat India Johor Bahru, various housing committees, and etc. to help distribute food aid. To date, an estimated donation of RM100,000 from individuals and corporate partners combined has benefited over 1000 families including the ones without a home in Johor and Melaka.

“These items are distributed to Malaysian families who don’t have any money left in their pockets. We are appealing to your generosity and kind support to eradicate hunger in households,” Florence Goh, President of CUJB was quoted in the statement.

“Many corporate entities have also stepped up with donations of cash and donations in kind, like cooked food.”

“Larger packaging of food essentials was channelled to orphanages and welfare homes. Smaller food packages and mineral water were given to the homeless as they don’t have storage space. Cartons of mineral water have also been distributed to vaccine centres and quarantine centres to meet their needs,” the statement read.

Care United Johor Bahru Expands its Food Aid Distribution
PKRC Pasir Gudang received donated bottled water by care United through Ihsan Johor Relief

CUJB is grateful that Malaysians from every walk of life worked with each other, regardless of race, language or religion. The private sector and government bodies helped those in need citing that the chain of caring is strong from the donors, NGOs, suppliers and volunteers.

Care United Johor Bahru Expands its Food Aid Distribution
Food aid to home quarantined COVID-19 families in PPR Melana

“Without any of them working together, this would not be possible. Some give money, some give things and others give time and effort, while some just talk. Which are you?” – The statement ends.

Care United Johor Bahru (CUJB) provides tax-exemption receipts to all donations of RM51 and above. Get in touch with them at +6073576899 or visit their Facebook page at