BMSG All-Stars Come Together to Release ‘New Chapter’ Single

Available now on all major streaming platforms

Japanese music management label, BMSG, has released a special digital single, ‘New Chapter’. Available now on all major streaming platforms, ‘New Chapter’ is a collaborative effort from all 15 artists in the BMSG roster. This includes CEO of BMSG and renowned rapper, SKY-HI, together with Novel CoreAile The Shotaedhiii boi, supergroup BE:FIRST, as well as upcoming artist trainees. Each of them showcases their individual style, allowing listeners and viewers to witness their thrilling ‘new chapter’, which has been the main message mentioned by the label throughout the summer, and essentially what BMSG is all about.
The accompanying music video of ‘New Chapter’ captures the spectacular original world view of ‘Neo Japan’ – the infused themes of ‘an end of the world,’ ‘historical play,’ and ‘futuristic views’ expressed by all 15 artists of BMSG. It also embodies the declaration of a New Chapter for BMSG, which recently started its third year as an artist management and label company. The last scene of the music video features all 15 artists dancing together on the stage of BMSG FES, choreographed by SOTA from BE:FIRST.
The BMSG All-Stars introduced the song to the world as a surprise performance on 17th September at BMSG FES. The recorded show of BMSG FES will be available for streaming from 24 September to 31 October 2022, with an online ticket purchase of JPY 3,980 (estimated SGD38.89).