Amp up Your Weekend with Amari Johor Bahru’s Flame & Grill Buffet

Make the most of your rest days with an abundance of fresh seafood and grilled goods

Freshly cut Seafood on your Sushi is made possible here

What to do this weekend should be the question of the past, at least for me. Now that there are so many things to do, it can be overwhelming sometimes but if you are looking to just enjoy some food with family and friends, Amari Johor Bahru’s Amaya Gallery hosts Amaya Weekend Flame & Grill buffet.

It was Merdeka and Malaysia Day mood all around when I arrived at the restaurant, but the huge display of seafood in the middle of the buffet caught my attention. The island of fresh seafood displays Cherry Clams, Cold Seafood Salad and an Omakase-like Sushi Bar with Sushi from fresh sea critters of your choice!

More seafood? This time, let’s grill them on fire!

If seafood is not your thing, opt for some Pasta dipped in cheese and you may customise what sort of pasta you prefer. The cheesy goodness was almost sinful but still perfect for a cheat day on a weekend.

The fascination continues as I make my way to the Grill section where gorgeously marinated lambs, chicken wings and even more seafood like crabs and prawns are ready for you to pick, grill and drench with a sauce of your choice.

Sliders on the side for the kids to pick up, and look at the mayo oozing out of it! 

I got lucky as the day I went for the buffet, there was a spread of desserts made out of durian, from Fried Durian which was also the crowd’s favourite, to a tall tower of Durian Profiteroles, Puddings and Mousses, all made of Durians. I had to, of course, grab, bite and munch on every little bit to bask myself in the world of durians and it perfected my weekend experience, definitely.

The tall tower of Durian Profiteroles at the dessert aisle

Would you like to spend the weekend like I did? The Weekend Flame & Grill Buffet @ Amaya Food Gallery, Amari Johor Bahru has two separate buffets for lunch and dinner. The Lunch Buffet is on Saturdays and Sundays, and it starts from 12 pm to 3.30 pm, priced at RM98nett for adults, RM78nett for senior citizens and RM49nett per child.

For Dinner, it would take place every Friday and Saturday, from 6 pm to 10.30 pm, priced at RM128nett per adult, RM108nett per senior citizen and RM79nett per child.

Get better deals when you book in groups, starting from 2pax with 20% discount, 3pax gets 30% discount, 4pax gets 40% discount, 5 pax gets 50% discount and 6pax would get one more pax eat for free.

Bookings and inquiries could be made by calling +607 266 8888 or emailing or sending a text on WhatsApp at