All the Useful Websites That You Need

All the Useful Websites That You Need

Some of these websites exist to cease all the inflexible parts in your life away

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During this MCO period, our lives are pretty much existing digitally. Most of us didn’t anticipate this situation but it has somehow become the new normal that we’ve adapted and perhaps the right move forward technological wise. Here are some useful websites that may actually help you with local council’s payment even after the MCO is lifted.


MyPay is a comprehensive source for consolidating government services on a single platform covering information, services, and payment. You can get a personalised service where you as users will receive reminders for all government due dates and what is even better; you will receive reward points for in-app transactions!

Head over to their website and synchronise all your government agencies-related business in all in one place

All the Useful Websites That You Need
MyPay website provided step by step sign-up guide (Image from MyPay Facebook page)


This site is similar to MyPay that is catering to local pay, mostly district councils. If you’re looking to pay your compound, license, taxes, premise rental fee and even to fill in tender form. You can also place your booking for halls, courts and other facilities under Johor’s district councils.

Check out for their variety of services that you can tap in.

It is also available as smartphone’s application in both App Store and Google Play.

All the Useful Websites That You Need
eKhidmat helps you check local council’s compound, make payments, bookings and etc


All the Useful Websites That You Need
MyEg has been the most helpful site to ever exist as of yet!

Yes. It has been 20 years since MyEG was first launched and it is still, the best to use if you are in need to renew various types of permits and check your summons, or renew your insurance.

Do take some time to go through it and it would benefit you greatly –

We hope these sites will come in handy, and if you know of any other useful websites that we need to know, drop us an email or message us in our social sites so we can share it with more readers.


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