AIESEC in Johor Bahru Aspires to Combat Youth Unemployment with Their New Initiative: AyouthModel

A Youth Model Ambassador Campaign by AIESEC in Johor Bahru

Youth unemployment has been an issue in the past years, with several causes behind it. Fresh graduates would have to wait for months before landing a job, and with the current pandemic, many are left unemployed. This is precisely why AYouthModel is launched and will be held throughout June.

A Youth Model (AYM) is an ambassador campaign that aims to encourage youths to grow their potential through training and industrial exposure that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The main objective is to bridge the gap between youth and the corporate world through specific and detailed sharing sessions. Moreover, A Youth Model aims to provide youth with work-ready skills and prepare them for the realities of the after-grad environment.

With the tagline ‘Empowering to Empower’, they seek for ambassadors who can create a positive environment and inspire others to do the same. AYM ambassadors will be playing the roles of influencers and delegates to encourage networking activities, participate in workshops, share their learnings on personal social media and join in future flagship events.

AIESEC in Johor Bahru Aspires to Combat Youth Unemployment with Their New Initiative: AyouthModel
Criteria to be an AYM Ambassador

This is an opportunity for undergraduates to polish their skills by spreading the spirit of optimism and empowering the next generation to overcome youth unemployment. It also aids in developing interpersonal skills, expanding job opportunities, and building one’s network and portfolio.

AIESEC in Johor Bahru Aspires to Combat Youth Unemployment with Their New Initiative: AyouthModel
Key Activities That Will Be Held During The Campaign

Five workshops will be held with the topics of:

  1. Strengthsfinder
  2. A Step Closer in Getting Hired
  3. Case Study Hack
  4. Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  5. Business Pitching

These workshops will be delivered by outstanding speakers with vast experience in their field of expertise. One of the speakers is Zhi Ee Chan, a talent specialist and the Founder and CEO of MonstaAsia, which is AYouthModel’s supporting partner. Next is Franklin Morais, a growth specialist with membership in various associations such as the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and a certified professional coach (IAC Mastery Practitioner).

The speaker for ‘Strength Finder’ is Mallory Loone, Co-founder and Lead Trainer of Work Inspires Resources Pvt. Ltd., which is a people engagement company. Mallory is also a Certified Motivational Coach since 2015 and has been a Millennial Coach ever since. Additionally, Koh Mui Han, a professional in management consulting, training, & social media branding with 20 years of experience, will be delivering on ‘A Step Closer in Getting Hired’. He is also the founder and lead facilitator of Primed For Success, a training programme for undergraduates to learn in gaining better employability in Malaysia by conducting workshops in universities and youth groups.

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