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A Coloured Run in the City

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Running event to promote healthy lifestyle and clean living

MBJB Colour Run was held recently at the Johor Bahru City Council to promote healthy lifestyle and to foster the relationship between MBJB and citizens of JB.

Two categories of the running event – 5km and 10km, attracted over 3000 participants of all ages. Booths offering kampung-style games were also up for new-generation children to understand what their parents played with as a child, and for the adults to relive childhood memories.

A Coloured Run in the City
Mayor Dato Hj Amran posing with a gift of a bow and arrow from Kelab Memanah Alam

The event was also to promote Johor as an attractive sports location for locals and tourists, as well to promote the 20th Sukma Games, which will be held in Johor next year.

“Colour Run” is a running event involving colours during the run. Participants were thrown bags of dyed powder at the start and throughout the race just for the laughs and fun. As a result, we will see smiling and happy runners smeared in different colours on their shirts and hairs!

A Coloured Run in the City
Primary school students and members from Befrienders and Laughter Yoga were also present to cheer the runners

Speaking to the press, mayor of Johor Bahru, Dato Hj Amran bin A Rahman said, “The event will encourage citizens to take part in an active lifestyle. He also mentioned cleanliness as a part of their campaign; to raise awareness for cleanliness to be a part of one’s culture”.

“We spend about RM60 million a year on cleanliness alone, which is a big amount. Cleaning is a huge cost of burden for us and it keeps increasing with more litter. If tax-payers play their part in keeping the environment clean and stay civic-minded, they will help us with our cleaning efforts,” said Dato Hj Amran.

A Coloured Run in the City
Are boxed Milos served from the truck the same as the legendary Milo Truck?

“We want cleanliness  to be a culture, that even after events, the place should be clean. No more synonyms of events and rubbish. Learn from Singapore and Japan.” He also added that education is important and it begins from home. Many people may have the knowledge, but it is not practiced.

He hopes JB will be a clean and successful city in all aspects.

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