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3 Must Haves from Japanese Drugstore Tuna.My!

Lost in a sea of exciting products in the online store? We have narrowed down 3 things that you have to put in cart now

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3 months young, Tuna.My, a drugstore website specialising in 100% imported Japanese authentic products has endless of choices offered at tremendously affordable prices. It is easy to get lost in the sea of choices considering how good the quality is and worth every cent you spend. The Iskandarian got in touch with Tuna.My team and found out the best and most popular products in Japan including Malaysians’ favourites.

3 Must Haves from Japanese Drugstore Tuna.My!
Malaysian-owned Tuna.My got its name as it has a nice ring to build around it

3 Must Haves from Japanese Drugstore Tuna.My!
Roihi-Tsubuko Plaster range

Here are the 3 items you need to put in the cart to get you started.
  1. ROIHI-TSUBUKO Plasters

Especially good for muscle aches, these plasters “attacks” targeted areas with its circle-shaped plasters that gives you a tingling heat stimulation that comes in both cool and hot choices. There are also bigger plasters if you need to cover a larger part of your body. The plaster improves the blood flow in the affected area, relieves shoulder stiffness and lower back pain. Tuna.My team reveals its popularity among people with elderly at home which also makes great gifts too.

  1. Earth Black Cap Cockroach Baits

No one is a fan of roaches in their residence and this amazing Japanese product could help you lure them and kill them on the spot! As the saying goes, how 1 cockroach you find may have another 30 around, these baits helps destroy the eggs in the roaches as well. A very effective product compared to the usual repellant. A definite must have in any households.

3 Must Haves from Japanese Drugstore Tuna.My!
Earth Black Cap Cockroach Baits

  1. Mama & Kids Baby Milky Cream

This Japanese skincare specially produced in Japan for optimum quality is especially designed for sensitive and delicate skin by Japan Natural Science Co. Ltd. Passing no synthetic flavours and pigments principle in the industry, the end product offers high quality feel for maternal, newborn and infant use. According to Tuna.My team, this range of product is hard to find as it tends to get sold out once displayed on shelves everywhere and they were lucky to have them in stock as the manufacturer does not take any pre-orders.

Ready to get yourself some stuffs now? Head over to Tuna.My now as they are having up to 30% discount during the whole month of October for their 10.10 sales promotions!


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