XTIF Johor 2021: Biggest E-Sports Competition in the State has Begun

A total prize pool worth RM124,000 awaits local e-sports enthusiasts

Promotional poster from MSNJ’s Facebook page for XTIF Johor 2021

The Johor state government through the Johor State Sports Council (MSNJ) is organising the Sukan Makmur XTIF Johor 2021 from 17th of September 2021 to 11th of December 2021.

The state’s largest e-sports competition will be held at the Parliamentary level before moving on to the State level (Grand Final). A total of 26 ‘parliaments’ are anticipated to participate, with more than 300,000 youths expected to attend.

Mobile Legends, Bang Bang (MLBB) and Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile (PUBGM) were the two categories in which Sukan Makmur XTIF Johor 2021 e-sports competed with a total prize pool of RM124,000 combined.

The MLBB category competition for the Parliamentary level will take place from the 17th of September to the 12th of October 2021, while the state level will be held from the 20th to the 23rd of October 2021.

PUBGM’s category will commence from the 25th of October to the 29th of November 2021 while the state level will run from the 6th of December to the 11th of December 2021.

Registration could be made by filling in the forms below:

MLBB – Team (Prize pool RM62,000) :


PUBG Mobile – Team (Prize pool RM62,000)


More information is available on MSNJ’s Facebook and Instagram. Any further questions could be channelled to Haikal at 011-11926202 (8 am – 8 pm) and Adib at 019-7129232 (8 am – 5 pm).

Further reference may be found at the following:


PUBGM’s prize pool and registration link