What’s in Iskandar Puteri for the Next Generations?

Looking back at Iskandar Puteri and Educity’s progress and probing the next big thing of it becoming a sustainable metropolis

P.E.P Talk (Profesional Engaging Public) promotional poster featuring Datuk Ir. Datuk Khairil Anwar Ahmad

EduCity Iskandar Malaysia and Co-organiser EduCity Student Senate hosted their periodical Professional Engaging Public (P.E.P) virtual talk with Datuk Ir. Datuk Khairil Anwar Ahmad, President and CEO of Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) and Chairman of EduCity Iskandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd on ‘Building Iskandar Puteri For The Future Generation’.

Datuk Khairil first looked back at how Iskandar Puteri had evolved since he joined IIB, building the city from scratch, and giving a clear idea of where Iskandar Puteri is heading. Iskandar Puteri’s future outlook according to him is on ‘Master Planning and Building a Feature of Metropolis’ where he discussed the city integrating as a sustainable township and being an ecosystem building.

Having studied Civil and Environmental Engineering in the 1980s, Datuk Khairil is heavy on climate change and he discussed ways to implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) such as finding alternative ways in harnessing natural resources like water while admitting the need to communicate with students in EduCity to be aware and made involved in SDG’s endeavours.

The session that lasted for 2 hours hosted a two-way communication as the organising hosts invited EduCity’s students and Iskandar Puteri citizens to talk with Datuk Khairil as its closing segment. Some audience had suggested for the city to hold a book fair or of similar conventions to introduce the city to more people as well as pulling interest to reside in the city that would later increase the number of the population there. Grateful for the suggestions, the session ended with his remarks of gratitude to get some time to spend with the grassroots level of the city he has helped build.

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