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What about Rural Areas?

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During the Johor State Legislative Assembly, the Education, Information, Heritage & Culture Committee chairman Mazlan Bujang answered questions raised by Parit Raja regarding technology for rural areas.

According to Mazlan, under the Universal Service Provision (PPS) programme by Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission in Johor, some telecommunication infrastructure has been developed in rural areas, such as the construction of 156 telecommunication towers, upgrading of 506 existing buildings to 3G and 4G services. Over 134,000 premises were provided with fixed-line broadband access and construction of 86 internet centres with human development programme and more were done.

Also, to overcome this coverage gap more effectively, various programmes on a national level have been introduced, such as the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP) and the latest National Digital Networking Plan (JENDELA), which will be a platform to improve the country’s digital communications under the 12th Malaysia Plan (2021– 2025).


The JENDELA action plan will be implemented in two phases and has been developed collectively by industry players and the Government based on National Aspirations to achieve 100% 4G coverage in populated areas with speeds of 100Mbps as well as access to gigabit (1000Mbps) fixed-line broadband which in turn will be a solid foundation for the transition to 5G technology.

Phases of JENDELA

In Johor, phase 1 has started and it will involve the construction of 107 new communication towers and the upgrading of 393 communication transmitters in existing towers to 4G services under the Universal Service Provision (PPS) programme by MCMC. Meanwhile, the addition of 68 new towers and 1,960 communication transmitters in the existing towers will be upgraded through direct investment by industry players to increase 4G coverage in Johor.


Phase Two which is slated to start in the year 2022 onwards, is a transition to 5G technology, after the platform implementation in Phase 1 is solidified.

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