UOBAM (Malaysia) launches SimpleInvest Solutions to help retail investors meet their financial objectives

The Solutions enable retail investors of varying risk appetites to benefit from risk-adjusted, well-diversified funds amid market uncertainties

Image for illustration (by Ibrahim Boran)

UOB Asset Management (Malaysia) (UOBAM (Malaysia)) has launched the SimpleInvest Solutions for individual investors to gain access to risk-adjusted, well-diversified funds to meet their varying risk appetites and financial objectives.

Designed to simplify investing, SimpleInvest Solutions comprises three unique, actively- managed funds, namely:

  • United Simple Income Select (USIS), which seeks to provide income for moderate-risk investors with a medium- to long-term investment horizon. Using a fund-of-funds (FOF) strategy, the USIS invests in a diversified portfolio of collective investment schemes of fixed income, equity and multi-asset funds;
  • United Simple Growth Select (USGS), a FOF that seeks to provide investors with high-risk tolerance capital appreciation over the medium- to long-term by investing in collective investment schemes of a diversified portfolio of equity funds. The USGS provides exposure to both disruptive and secular growth opportunities in sectors such as automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and healthcare innovation; and
  • United Money Market Fund, seeks to offer risk-averse investors with a short-term horizon income and liquidity by investing primarily in fixed income securities, money market instruments and deposits.
UOBAM (Malaysia) launches SimpleInvest Solutions to help retail investors meet their financial objectives
Lim Suet Ling, Chief Executive Officer of UOBAM (Malaysia)

Lim Suet Ling, Chief Executive Officer of UOBAM (Malaysia), said, “With the current backdrop of market uncertainty and interest rates remaining at low levels globally, individual investors may face the challenge of building a solid investment portfolio. With SimpleInvest Solutions, we aim to address this pain point. Designed to suit a spectrum of risk profiles, the SimpleInvest Solutions enable investors at different life stages to invest simply and smartly just by selecting the solution that matches their risk tolerance levels and investment objectives.

“Under the FOF strategy used for the USIS and USGS, UOBAM (Malaysia) leverages our fund management expertise to select the underlying funds. We take into account insights into the volatile financial markets and analyse each underlying fund for its risk and return drivers, using our in-house screening and asset allocation capabilities. We will consistently monitor the underlying funds’ performance to readjust the investment process, as well as to rebalance the portfolios where necessary,” said Lim.

The United Money Market Fund is available at selected distributors, while the USIS and USGS are distributed by UOB Malaysia exclusively. The funds under SimpleInvest Solutions are available for subscription in both domestic and foreign currencies with a minimum initial investment of RM1000, A$1000, S$1000, and US$1,000, respectively.

For more information about SimpleInvest Solutions, please visit  www.uobam.com.my.